AptHost review

AptHost review
AptHost is providing webhosting services since 2001.
4 shared hosting plans from 5GB (storage)/100 GB (bandwidth) until 20GB/1000GB.
3 Semi dedicated hosting packages, 4 reseller and vps and dedicated servers.
With the addition of AptHost's new website, customers can enter in coupon code "SUMMER" which will give 25% off any initial order, no matter what billing cycle is selected.
Tools installed for all packages:

FFmpeg & FFmpeg-php
Libogg & Libvorbis
LAME MP3 Encoder
GD Library

Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Money/Check order, 2CO.
Legal adult content: yes
Datacenter: ThePlanet, Dallas, TX

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apthost is great but they are actually with softlayer so the location is either in dallas or seattle


Not enough disk space for the money, and don't sell more if you need it. :-(


Why don't you upgrade to a vps then?

Since a couple of days I am

Since a couple of days I am a new customer from AptHost but my website is offline all the time. Their hardware is working on their limit and because of that the uptime and speed are very poor!

the worst experience I could ever had with a host company

The support is completely poor, it crashes all the time, they have serious problems with the billing department, they try to steal money from you; they try to trick you sending you false invoices.


because you're just another dumb noob who has no idea what to do and blame everyone else? Or you work for some piss cheap company trying to ruin someone else reputation? I will not accept anymore baseless comments. Why don't you post your website url so we can check the "all the time crashing" or post the false invoice? You can also feel free to post helpdesk tickets to see how poor the support is! ...zzzZZZzzz... quiet, eh?

they did have some problems but

They had some big issues in April but now the company got bought by another one and they are working to change everything. Their opening an office in seattle soon. Myself i haven't had any real issues since the incident in April. Looks like the company got itself back on track...

One of the best web hosting provider

I have totally no problems with this web hoster. They server is less crowd & my site run fast. Price is good & reasonable, very solid support. One of the best web hosting provider & a five star company. Check it out: http://www.Jmcove.com

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