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Deadbeat A man becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol and then abandons his wife and child He becomes homeless and ten years later he has a chance encounter with his son who is now fifteen years old The encoun

  • Title: Deadbeat
  • Author: Brian W. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780984090440
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • A man becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol and then abandons his wife and child He becomes homeless, and ten years later he has a chance encounter with his son who is now fifteen years old The encounter is the beginning of his quest to sobriety and reclaiming his family.

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      219 Brian W. Smith
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    One thought on “Deadbeat

    1. OOSA on said:

      Everyone Has a ChoiceHomeless is often defined as physically or spiritually deprived of security. But have you ever saw a homeless person and wondered what happened in their live to get them to that point? Quincy Washington abandoned his family ten years ago and has been living on the streets due to one life changing event.Q.J. is a rowdy teenager being raised by his single mom, Carmen, since his dad died in a car accident ten years ago.With a twist of fate, Quincy is reunited with his son Q.J a [...]

    2. F.A. on said:

      Deadbeat should be self explanatory,because when you first hear or read the name the first thing that comes to mind is a fartherless child/children.Author Brian W.Smith wrote a excellent book. The book has a gripping storyline that draws you in from the first ten pages.Which cause you to wonder how the characters,and the story is going to end.This book is so compelling that some people might have empathy for or can relate to the characters Qj,Carmen,and Quincy which makes you feel that you might [...]

    3. Locksie on said:

      Branded.Carmen Washington was not honest with her son QJ when she told him her husband, his father was dead. So imagine 15-yr old QJ’s shock when in the midst of he and his friends giving a homeless man what they thought he deserved, the man calls out QJ’s name claiming to be his father!!Upon confirming with his mother that his dad Quincy is in fact very much alive and living on the streets, QJ wants answers to why he was lied to and why his father abandon them in the first place.To make mat [...]

    4. Deloris on said:

      Deadbeat is a book that when you pick it make sure you day is clear because you will not be able to put it down. This book is about relationships, relationships between, mother, child, friend, lover and most importantly father and son. This book is so clever that when you reach the last page you will be surprised the direction the story took. You’ll be so engaged with the characters, thinking that this is the typical book that you never see how things play out in this story and will be shocked [...]

    5. Kerin on said:

      Brian Smith has done it again in Deadbeat. OMG is all I could say at the end of this book. QJ an out of controlled fatherless teenage just looking for clarity and a father figure. Little did QJ know his father was always there watching him when he didn't know. A very good read.

    6. Keke Chanel on said:

      Brian W. Smith is the truth!!! This tale between father and son is heartfelt, relatable, and pure genius. It proves that second chances do insist, even if but a short time. This book is a must read! The twist at the end still has my mouth wide-open

    7. Latarra on said:

      After reading 4 books by Mr. Smith since meeting him in September, I've become a fan. Deadbeat has to be the best I've read so far. For a father & son to have a great relationship after so many years, was very touching. Being a single mother, the story line drew me in from the beginning. I laughed, but cried more than anything while being touched by this father & son's story. I was super excited when I was toward the end, hoping the family could start over. But then I was like, WTF! Real [...]

    8. Nikki Bell on said:

      When I started reading this book I didn't know what to expect. The longer I read the more I felt compelled by QJ's behavior. Rebellious & acting out at home because he dislikes his mom's lover. Then to find out years later that his mother lied that his father wasn't dead was a hard pill to swallow.I loved that his father got his life back on track with the right help and that QJ was able to bond with him after all that time. This is my first time reading a book by this author and it was grea [...]

    9. S on said:

      Thought Provoking!This novel captivated me. It really shows how a one prominent life can take such a drastic turn. CJ tried to battle back from it all, for the son he left behind. Full of deep situations, tough love and bitter sweet outcomes. A novel that will leave you in thought love after it's read!

    10. Andrea Williams on said:

      Awesome book!I truly enjoyed this book. It hits on things happening in single parent households. It will bring out so many emotions. I choose 5 stars because it was well written, no grammatical errors and it held my attention till the end. Great book!!

    11. Jounay on said:

      I think this was Brian Smith's best book. I highly recommend this book.

    12. SℓιM on said:

      I really liked this book I kno the feeling of having a dead who wasn't there for me. I was so happy when his father came back in life. The ending had me sad.

    13. Anita Dawson on said:

      Every time I read a BWS project, I always, always, always, always have to re-read a portion or two of the book to try to find a clue that I missed that would help me see the twist at the end. This novel was no exception.I do loved the insights into the "man codes" (handshakes, the term deadbeat comparing chess to life to name a few).In this novel the author displays the love between father and son and how the presence of a father can possibly change the behavior of the son dramatically.I only wi [...]

    14. Shawn Hawkins on said:

      Good readI enjoyed reading this book. I was happy that QJ had finally started building a relationship with his dad. Loved the storyline. I was sad with the ending but overall it was a good book

    15. Cheryl on said:

      The book starts out with a homeless man pushing a rickety shopping cart in the 90 degree New Orleans heat. Everything this homeless man had left is in this shopping cart. Some young punks came along and started picking on him and tried to take his cart. He did what he had to and defended himself by beating one of the boys named Bookie. A friend of Bookie named QJ found a lead pipe and he was going to attack the homeless man for beating his friend Bookie. QJ was told by a homeless woman who was n [...]

    16. Reading in Black & White on said:

      We are introduced to a 15 year old that goes by QJ and his two friends as they roam Tent City at the beginning of Deadbeat by Brian W. Smith. The teenagers get into altercation with a homeless man and QJ was about to deliver a fatal blow when the man says his name. Startled QJ discovers the homeless man is his father whom he has not seen in over 10 years.Carmen had told QJ that his father died and never imagined that they would cross paths with him. The revelation that his father is alive brings [...]

    17. Tasha on said:

      When I picked up this book, I had no intention of staying awake all night. However, as I began reading about QJ's life, his experience as the child of a mother in love with a partner he hates, a father who suffered an unfortunate set of circumstances that led him to a life on the streets, and a godmother who does what she can to provide the structure and discipline QJ misses from time to time at home, sleep was not an option. Brian Smith weaves a remarkable tale of successes and failures in the [...]

    18. Flashette on said:

      Quincy Washington, Sr. walked out on his family 10 years ago. That family consisted of his wife and a 5 year old son QJ. Through circumstances that no one could predict, QJ is introduced to his fathera homeless man. QJ had lived his life thinking that his father was dead. Now that this big secret is revealed, QJ, his mom Carmen, and Quincy embark on rocky journey down the path of reconciliation. Yet, questions still remain. Will QJ be able to form a loving relationship with his father? Will Carm [...]

    19. Athena on said:

      This is my second book by Brian W Smith and I must say that it was a refreshing change from my usual genre of urban fiction. Although there were times where I felt that the book was moving extremely slow, I literally could not put it down and ended up finishing it within a few hours. I felt myself connected to the characters and the book. I was rooting for Quincy and QJ as individuals and wanted so badly for them to mend their broken relationship. The book was about so much more than a homeless [...]

    20. Amanda on said:

      I can always count of Brian W. Smith to provide a strong character driven story. I can also count on BWS to add in a moral element to the story. He has a knack for delivering a power punch just when you think you have the plot figured out. Deadbeat is the story of fifteen year old QJ, who has believed since 5 years old that his father was dead; his mother Carmen and her best fried, Lawana, concoct the story to - in their minds - protect QJ for the harsh reality that his father, Quincy, Sr actual [...]

    21. Isabel on said:

      I thought this book was a little different than the books I've already read from this writer. The book ended abruptly. Many questions were left unanswered such as:1-What became of Lawana's and Carmen's relationship.2-Did QJ finally accepts his mother relationship Terry.3-How did QJ feel after his and Lawana's plan failed to reunite his father with his mother? 4-Did Carmen ever find out about Terri womanizing?5-Why did Terri's SUV remind Quincy of a vehicle he thought he had seen before?6-Did Boo [...]

    22. Kiera on said:

      Author Brian W. Smith touches on a very sensitive subject with his book Deadbeat. It's gritty, raw, dramatic, and tells a story that happens way too much in real life. You get to see firsthand through the characters what happens when a father leaves a child, and the impact it has not only on that child, but the father and the mother as well. There are parts in the book that made me laugh for a second, and quite a few parts where I had to put the book down for a few minutes to get myself together [...]

    23. Sophie Sealy on said:

      This was one of the best books I read in 2013. Imagine running the streets thuggin' and your victim turns out to be your "dead" dad. The struggles of an inner city kid, who wants to do right but is confronted with obstacles in the streets and in the home. This book will tug at your heartstrings and as a parent have you questioning your decisions when lying to your children. This book makes you realized that everyone have a past, a bad past to a good life or a good past to a bad life. Don't think [...]

    24. Mary on said:

      For years, out of control teen QJ is told that his father Quincy is dead. He learns that not only is his father still alive, but he is a homeless deadbeat that abandoned his family. When Quincy decides to come clean, what secrets will be revealed? How will these secrets affect the family dynamic?This is my second novel by Brian. I was very interested in the story he told in this book and the many twists of the story. He gave a good view on homelessness and substance abuse. The only problem I had [...]

    25. Cassandra Baker-Durham on said:

      I'm so pissed with Brian W. Smith, I could go to his house and throw a brick through his window. He continues to create characters that have us pissed one moment, amazed their craziness the next moment, and standing up clapping your hands and cheering for them by the time it is over. Then after all that emotion he does what he does best and twists it. Consider me twisted. QJ is quickly becoming a statistic along with the friends that he hangs around. One of his hot headed friends runs his mouths [...]

    26. Karen on said:

      Wow….Amazing job…QJ is a 15-year old boy growing up in a single parent home in New Orleans. QJ life if changed in one day. QJ and his friends have a fight with a homeless man. The homeless man is Quincy Washington, QJ’s long lost father. QJ is shocked that his father is still living, due to the fact that his mom Carmen said he was dead. Quincy Washington was hurt over an issue that happened in his marriage. Quincy was angry, hurt, upset so he turned to drugs and alcohol. Quincy decided to [...]

    27. Jaye Michelle on said:

      I enjoyed deadbeat because I feel the author approached social challenges while keeping the story entertaining. The plight of single mother Carmen is doubled when her son QJ comes into contact with his father Quincy whom Carmen lied about for years. As the relationship between Quincy and QJ evolved, life lessons were imparted into the young teen that would ultimately help him make a life defining decision. This book was very well written and the characters were all layered and well developed.

    28. Dynah Zale on said:

      Surprise EndingThis is my 2nd book written by Brian And the one negative thing I must say about his books is that they are drawn out. It never gets good until the last 10 pages of the book. Once you get to the end he has so many twists and surprises that you have to say "wow! That was a good book" cause it never ends the way you thought it would. However it took me months to read this one book. I had to keep putting it down and picking it back up. He's a good writer I just expect a few events th [...]

    29. Shoulanda August on said:

      I loved this book.Deadbeat came back and made a differenceI loved this book.Deadbeat came back and made a differenceTo have your deadbeat dad or any parent come back only to be taken away by a so called friend is devastating. This boy finally got his father back to only be hurt by not only his mom and her girlfriend but a person he called a friend. I couldn't put this great read down. Five stars goes to the author

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