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Agatha Christie Els Schaafsma

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Trein 16:50

Trein Twee treinen rijden langzaam naast elkaar In de ene trein zit een vriendin van Miss Marple die tot haar ontzetting ziet hoe in een helder verlichte coup van de andere trein een jonge vrouw wordt verm

  • Title: Trein 16:50
  • Author: Agatha Christie Els Schaafsma
  • ISBN: 9789024548446
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twee treinen rijden langzaam naast elkaar In de ene trein zit een vriendin van Miss Marple, die tot haar ontzetting ziet hoe in een helder verlichte coup van de andere trein een jonge vrouw wordt vermoord Ze gaat direct met haar verhaal naar de politie, maar daar gelooft men haar niet Bovendien wordt er nergens een lijk gevonden Miss Marple gaat op onderzoek uit en beTwee treinen rijden langzaam naast elkaar In de ene trein zit een vriendin van Miss Marple, die tot haar ontzetting ziet hoe in een helder verlichte coup van de andere trein een jonge vrouw wordt vermoord Ze gaat direct met haar verhaal naar de politie, maar daar gelooft men haar niet Bovendien wordt er nergens een lijk gevonden Miss Marple gaat op onderzoek uit en belandt met behulp van spoorboekjes en landkaarten in een klein dorp, waar ze niet alleen het slachtoffer vindt

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      307 Agatha Christie Els Schaafsma
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    One thought on “Trein 16:50

    1. Carol. on said:

      Mrs. McGillicuddy is traveling by train when she witnesses a woman being strangled in the train traveling alongside hers. She reports the incident and is promptly dismissed, leaving her to turn to her friend, the resourceful Miss Marple. Strange as it seems, Miss Marple believes her:“Mrs. McGillicuddy looked at her without comprehension and Miss Marple reaffirmed her judgment of her friend as a woman of excellent principles and no imagination.”I always forget about that brief section in 4:50 [...]

    2. Simona Bartolotta on said:

      "The truth is people are an extraordinary mixture of heroism and cowardice."•I don't really want to consider Miss Marple's character a flaw in itself, but not only I don't particularly connect with her, she wasn't even present most of the time. Since the figure of the detective is one of the things I consider and value the most in a crime novel, I was disappointed. (Long story short, long live my favourite Belgian egghead.)•This investigation ran so long. It just dragged on and on for 200 pa [...]

    3. Andrei Bădică on said:

      " Doamna McGillicuddy rămase încruntată și vag nemulțumită. Oare conductorul avea să raporteze cele relatate de ea? Sau spusese așa doar ca s-o liniștească? Erau o mulțime de femei în vârstă care călătoreau prin țară, pe deplin convinse că demascaseră comploturi comuniste, că erau în pericol de a fi omorâte, că au văzut farfurii zburătoare și nave spațiale secrete și raportau crime care nu avuseseră loc niciodată. Dacă omul o considera drept una dintre ele ""- Nu [...]

    4. Jason Koivu on said:

      An enjoyable quickie. Fittingly, it's the sort of mystery quick-fix you could finish on a train, say London to Yorkor better yet, London to Paris!In 4.50 from Paddington an old lady witnesses what she believes is a murder on another train traveling alongside hers. The police have nothing to go on besides her story and they're disinclined to believe her. In steps Miss Marple, that aged busybody. With the help of a young acquaintance, Marple strings together the evidence from the sidelines. In fac [...]

    5. Reckoner on said:

      Σατανικά απλό.μωρή τρέλα Μάρπλ μας έχεις πάρει το μυαλό ♥

    6. Susan on said:

      Mrs Elspeth Gillicuddy is returning from Christmas shopping to visit her friend when a train, going in the opposite direction to the one she is travelling on, stops opposite her carriage and she witnesses a murder. Nobody believes her story, but, of course, the friend she is visiting is Miss Marple, who is very willing – not only to believe her, but to investigate. Having deduced the likely place for a body to be left, Miss Marple involves the super efficient Lucy Eyelesbarrow to take work at [...]

    7. Adrian on said:

      An excellent Miss Marple, with her at her very best, ably assisted by Lucy Eyelesbarrow. A great story, very original, with a large cast of possible suspects or are they possible victims. Well woven as ever by the Mistress of Crime into a story with a number of red herrings and a wonderful denouement. Certainly worth a read.

    8. Mike on said:

      So let's say you are an elderly Scottish woman. While you are returning from a day of christmas shopping in the city you happen to glance out the train window and see something quite unsettling in a neighboring train: A MURDERNo one else is around and when you report this terrible, unsettling crime you are met with severe skepticism. What is one to do? You've just seen a woman killed, you have no idea what the murderer looks like, and you are afraid you one will believe the rambling of a silly o [...]

    9. Nadin Adel on said:

      رواية جميلة ، بالرغم ان أحداثها شتتني في بعض الأمور، الا انني كنت تكهنت القاتل، وقد كان.

    10. Nandakishore Varma on said:

      I am a person who loves trains. Absolutely. I can keep on staring out of the windows of a moving train for hours, watching the landscape go by, trying to construct imaginary histories of the people glimpsed.Well, Mrs. McGillicudy saw something much more exciting - and frightening. She saw a man choking a woman to death on the nearby train, as both trains ran parallel for a few minutes. Now without a clue, without a location, and without even a body, Miss Marple has to solve the case - but solve [...]

    11. Phrynne on said:

      A quick, fun easy read! I always enjoy Miss Marple and in this story she is at her sleuthing best. This book was originally published in 1957 and yet it still reads so well. In fact reading it is just the same as reading one of today's cozy mysteries set just after the war. And the best thing is I don't think I will ever have read all her books - there are just so many!

    12. Janete on said:

      Read and listen to the audio 4 times since February 2017, to improve my knowledge of English. One of the best Agatha Christie's books. I loved it very much!

    13. Issa Deerbany on said:

      ان ما يجعل أجاثا كريستي اعظم مؤلفة روايات بوليسية انها لا تكرر حبكاتها فلكل رواية حبكة جديدة واعتقد انه نادرا جدا من يستطيع ان يتوقع المجرم في قبل نهاية الروايةاستمتعت جدا بهذه الرواية

    14. Susan in NC on said:

      I've seen the BBC Joan Hickson version of this very enjoyable mystery, and I thought I had read it, but now I'm not so surewell, it was a five-star mystery for me! I started reading Christie in middle and high school and my library had more Poirots than Marples, and I was hooked. I still enjoy Hercule and his little grey cells, but I've come to appreciate Miss Marple for her ruthless grasp of the darkest side of human nature and her mind "like a sink", as she admits. Miss M. is sharp as a tack b [...]

    15. Emily on said:

      The mystery in this one is simply okay - a little bit more fantastical than other Christie books - but Lucy Eyelesbarrow, competent domestic-for-hire, makes up for that. And Miss Marple is at the absolute top of her game. This book made me laugh out loud more than once:“Listen, darling,” said Lucy. “Are we investigating crime, or are we match-making?” Miss Marple twinkled.Also, as Claire says, the amount of people in this book who think that murder is a perfectly appropriate hobby for tw [...]

    16. Cassandra on said:

      I've discovered Miss Marple's secret to solving crime! If someone looks suspicious and/or has a clear motive for the crime, they are almost certainly innocent; the perpetrator is always the slightly vague person on the fringes who doesn't seem to have any connection at all. If that fellow in the corner appears to be a decent chap who could have no possible reason to want the victim dead, he's almost definitely your man. And if he's in love with a girl who, if three or four other people get dead, [...]

    17. Jessica-Robyn on said:

      Sitting in the middle of an autumn thunder storm with the heat cranked up and a whodunit by the fantastic Agatha Christie really is the perfect scenario. Although 4.50 from Paddington was a slow build the end result was just wonderfully murderous. By half way through I was thoroughly puzzled by who it could possibly be, both the murderer and the murdered. The hows and whys and who were simply fantastic as one unlikely scenario after another is brought to attention with no simple explanation in s [...]

    18. Julie Davis on said:

      I picked this up on Kindle's daily deal sale not long ago. It is just what I needed and I forgot just how easy it is to sink into an Agatha Christie mystery.This has always been one of my favorite Christie books. Mrs. McGillicuddy wakes from a nap on a train to see another train has pulled exactly alongside them for a moment when a window shade snaps up she becomes the witness to a man strangling a woman before the other train sweeps the scene from sight. Ignored by the authorities when she rep [...]

    19. Clara on said:

      Otro misterio el cual no tuve idea de cómo resolver. Y uno supondría que después de leer más de cuarenta libros de Agatha Christie sabría como pensaba y averiguaría quien es el asesino, pero no. Y por supuesto no entendía nada, aunque está todo explicado, y sospechaba de todos, menos de la persona correcta.Me gustó mucho la historia del asesinato, y los personajes fueron bastante útiles (quiero decir que en muchas de sus novelas suele haber un personaje medio estúpido que no se da cue [...]

    20. John on said:

      On her way to stay with her old friend Jane Marple at St. Mary Mead for a few days before traveling to Ceylon to visit her son, Elspeth McGillicuddy glances out of her train window and sees, through the window of a train on a parallel track, a man strangling a woman. Soon the trains are no longer in sync, so she sees nothing more, but she reports the incident as soon as she reaches St. Mary Mead.Neither the railway authorities nor the police can find any trace of a corpse, so Mrs. McGillicuddy's [...]

    21. Ksenia (vaenn) on said:

      У нас знову когось убили, але ходімо почаюємо - немає такої біди, де не зарадила б чашечка гарного чаю.Боже, я люблю цю жінку - з усією декоративністю та умовністю світу, з любов'ю до сталих схем, до милих затишних повторів. Власне, так - повтори тут якраз частина гарантованого c [...]

    22. Amy on said:

      *applauds happily*Agatha Christie does it again! I really thought I had figured this one out, but, as usual, I was totally off track. There a host of possible suspects and a team of good guys (led by the ever indominitible Miss Marple) to ferret out the villain. I really liked Lucy Eyelesbarrow (though what a last name! O.O) She reminded me a little of Dorothy L. Sayers's Harriet Vane.Though I read a lot of Christie, I haven't read any of her Miss Marple adventures since high school. I forgot ho [...]

    23. Leah on said:

      24-carat Golden AgeWhen Elspeth McGillicuddy glances out of the window of her train carriage, she can see straight into another train that is running parallel to her own. As a blind flies up on the carriage opposite her, she is horrified to see a woman being strangled by a tall, dark man. Unable to do anything to prevent it, she reports it to the conductor. He suspects she's just been napping and has dreamt the whole thing, but he's a conscientious man so he reports the matter at the next statio [...]

    24. Phayvanh on said:

      It probably helps to have read a few Miss Marple books before getting into this one--both to fully appreciate the cleverness, and to have a backstory to our "old pussy", as she is called in this book. In absolutley no time does Miss Marple deduce the the solution to the missing corpse. She also wastes no time in finding a suitable proxy to unlock the mysteries of Rutherford Hall for her.Indeed, Lucy Eyelesbarrow, is as capable and clever as they come. And she is very likeable: practically all th [...]

    25. Leslie on said:

      Joan Hickson's narration was a delight to listen to, as any fan of her Miss Marple TV series would expect.I found that, although I remembered who the murderer was, a lot of the details had escaped my memory. I was particularly surprised by (view spoiler)[the appearance of Martine and the revelation that she was the mother of Alexander's friend!! (hide spoiler)]

    26. Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore on said:

      Book 7 for the Miss Marple challenge. This is another of my favourites in the Miss Marple series with an interesting puzzle and a denouement that takes one (or at least took me) entirely by surprise. When Elspeth McGuillicuddy witnesses a murder on a train journey back from London after Christmas shopping, the railway authorities believe it to be only a dream and the police can find no evidence—and no body. Luckily for her (but not for the murderer), Mrs McGuillicuddy had been on her way to me [...]

    27. Maria on said:

      Depois de um ano a ler livros muito recentes, a maior parte estreias em Portugal, decidi voltar ao clássico policial, um daqueles que me arrebatava no início da adolescência e me deixava extasiada. Poirot é o meu detective preferido. Não só de Cristhie, mas quase de todos os policiais que leio. Em todos eles desejo descortinar as celulazinhas cinzentas necessárias ao desvendar de um crime. Mas Jane Marple é também encantadora. E o facto deste romance policial envolver um comboio levou-m [...]

    28. Laura Verret on said:

      Miss Marple, that shockingly acute spinster, is on the trail again!The Story.Yes, it’s true that her taste in literature is sensational. And yes, it’s true she had just finished a nap filled with lurid dreams. But Mrs. McGillicuddy would never make up a story just to get attention! No, she actually saw someone being murdered in the passing train!The railway officials and police duly check her story. They find nothing. The only woman who continues to believe in what Mrs. McGillicuddy saw is M [...]

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