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Amateure Kate Delafield and her partner Ed Taylor investigate the murder of a highly placed executive whose body was found by a coworker a woman who begins to break down Kate s defenses

  • Title: Amateure
  • Author: Katherine V. Forrest
  • ISBN: 9783886195152
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate Delafield and her partner, Ed Taylor, investigate the murder of a highly placed executive, whose body was found by a coworker, a woman who begins to break down Kate s defenses.

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      357 Katherine V. Forrest
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    One thought on “Amateure

    1. Spiderorchid on said:

      The mystery is really very good: well-constructed crime with a good list of suspects, a nice twist when it comes to the murder-method and lots of suspense.Where the book doesn't work is on the "private" level where we get to know something about the protagonist. Some of the more emotional and private moments of Kate Delafield and her love-interest (for lack of a better word - this isn't a love story) are more than awkward and Forrest really clobbers her readers over the head with the lesbian-the [...]

    2. Danie on said:

      This novel took me twice to really understand or comprehend in any real way. The first time I read it, everything got all muddled in my head and the story didn't really make sense. I think it was partially because I hadn't read many LesFic novels and I was just starting to read adult mysteries (i.e. non-Hardy Boys stuff) in a real way too. Now that I have read more, many more of both types the book makes much more senseThere were also a whole lot of characters to keep track of, and though they w [...]

    3. Lexxi Kitty on said:

      Amateur City, book 1 in the series, involves an executive who was murdered. Two LA police detectives, Kate Delafield (lesbian), and Ed Taylor (bigot), investigate. Oddly the story seemed to be more focused on someone who just joined the firm as a secretary. Ellen O'Neil. It's actually a rather rich detailed little book that might even have ended up rated higher by me if it had cut back on the bigotry. Which later books, at least the second and third, had done. - Amateur City is something Ed Tayl [...]

    4. lov2laf on said:

      This was a decent book. It feels dated these days since it was written in the early 1980s. However, that also makes it an interesting read because it captures a moment in time. It's an okay read, overall.

    5. Sandy on said:

      I rank this more a 3/2. it is the second book by Katherine Forrest and the first in the Kate Delafield Series I have read. I like to go in order when reading series, especially with a new author. It lets me see how characters develop as well as the writing style of the author. I find myself enjoying Ms. Forrest's prose and the structure of her stories. Kate Delafield is an LAPD detective we are introduced to via a murder of a company executive in a local office of a national company. Kate is a n [...]

    6. Anne-Kathrin on said:

      Liest sich leicht und angenehm. Den Persönlichkeiten der einzelnen Charaktere wird sehr viel Raum gegeben, was ich durchaus positiv fand. Dabei treten die typischen Krimi-Elemente leider etwas zu sehr in den Hintergrund. Wirkliche Spannung kam (für mich) beim Lesen nicht auf. Der größte Schwachpunkt hat jedoch mit der Figur der Kommissarin zu tun: Sie wird uns als unglaublich gründliche, gewissenhafte Polizeibeamte vorgestellt und (view spoiler)[ beginnt dann eine Affäre mit einer potentie [...]

    7. Cyd on said:

      Kate Delafield is a lesbian detective as skillfully drawn as Grafton's Kinsey Millhone and other "biggies" in female-led mystery fiction.

    8. Sally on said:

      I had no crime shelf before this! o.O I guess I don't read a lot of crime though, as much as I love stuff like Law & Order.I would be interested to read more in the series. I like Kate, and once I got into it this was a very quick read, and lots of fun - I don't mind a good whodunnit :) (view spoiler)[Although for the whole book we're so obviously looking at Guy as the prime suspect, and that pretty much means that Guy ISN'T the killer. But then it turned out that he was! So that just wasn't [...]

    9. K. on said:

      For the first half, kept feeling like I was being pulled out of the story by the odd sense of time.Copyright 1984 mention of the company car being a 1984 Oldsmobile CutlassSo yeah, it's supposed to be set around the time when it was published.But then you get stuff like this:An Oriental woman gesticulated [p. 29]eyes darker than Ellen O'Neil's—slanty like a Chinaman's [p. 35]"What goddamn bullshit.""So you can swear like a man," Stephanie said contemptuously. [p. 102]All of which makes this st [...]

    10. Liza on said:

      maybe it's all the Agatha Christie I'm used to hearing but I was expecting this to be twistier. I was right about who did it - which is ridiculous bc I suck at this kind of thing - but frankly I was expecting more MSM. oh well. fancy the shit out of Kate, OBVIOUSLY. enjoyed the femme-butch representation, and ESPECIALLY enjoyed the critique of overbearing controlling masculine privilege butches and the resistance Ellen as a femme put up to assumptions about her capabilities and how these things [...]

    11. Freyja Vanadis on said:

      I read this book for the first time when I bought it in 1994. Back then I was so starved for lesbian literature, I thought almost everything was good no matter what. But now, 18 years later, I have a little better perspective. While Katherine Forrest is head and shoulders above most other authors of lesbian crime drama, this book is still pretty cheesy. Since this book was written in 1984, she's naturally included details of the times; therefore, I don't think it has aged well. Also, as one of t [...]

    12. Caroline on said:

      Short review: One of the earliest entries into the lesbian-mystery subgenre. It's actually a pretty charming book. But I had to knock off a star or two for a few things. Like is every female character in this book gay? Because it sure seems that way, and that's just weird. And some of the writing just felt kind of shallow. Meh. It was okay. Not great. I'm not in a hurry to read any others by her.

    13. Hannah on said:

      1. what is a box of "man-sized" kleenex supposed to mean?2. just about every female in this series ends up being a lesbian. what a fun alternative universe.3. i genuinely love this series; i've read it entirely out of sequence, but that's actually made it more interesting.

    14. Lynn on said:

      This is the authors first book. I found it a passable first attempt. I wasn't going to read any more but I think I will see what the second book offers to see.

    15. Dayna Ingram on said:

      Fascinating as a historical document, kind of meh as a crime novel.

    16. Liz on said:

      Not the greatest but i've heard the weakest in the series. Intrigued enough to pick up #2

    17. Hazey on said:

      Recommendedreally enjoyed this book #1 in series looking forward to finding the time to read Book#2.

    18. Megan on said:

      See the comments in the Lesbian Mystery Reading Group, found here: Lesbian Mysteries.

    19. Ulla on said:

      Katherine V. Forrest's Kate Delafield -series is one of the best in the genre, and I just love to return to it after so many years!

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