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Nick Thacker

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The Amazon Code

The Amazon Code When her company discovers a remarkable hidden message in the dreaming brains of her subjects Dr Amanda Meron unknowingly invites disaster unto her company She enlists the help of some old friends to

  • Title: The Amazon Code
  • Author: Nick Thacker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When her company discovers a remarkable hidden message in the dreaming brains of her subjects, Dr Amanda Meron unknowingly invites disaster unto her company She enlists the help of some old friends to find out what the clues are pointing her toward, but they seem to be pointing her to one of the remote places on the planet The Rainforest When Harvey Ben BennetWhen her company discovers a remarkable hidden message in the dreaming brains of her subjects, Dr Amanda Meron unknowingly invites disaster unto her company She enlists the help of some old friends to find out what the clues are pointing her toward, but they seem to be pointing her to one of the remote places on the planet The Rainforest When Harvey Ben Bennett gets a hint that the nefarious organization he s been searching for has turned up in Brazil, he and his new girlfriend Juliette Richardson race to the jungle to discover what they re after and hopefully stop them From the myth of the lost city of El Dorado to emerging science technology, The Code has it all action packed adventure, an exotic setting, and characters you ll fall in love with Don t miss the next Harvey Bennett thriller the new action adventure, science fiction series from bestselling author Nick Thacker

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    One thought on “The Amazon Code

    1. Lucas Carlson on said:

      This book has everything you need for a great read: awesome premise that hooks you early, a fun setting, and plenty of trouble. This is a great read.

    2. Brian's Book Blog on said:

      Harvey "Ben" Bennett is at it againA company is just on the verge of perfecting something that was thought to be impossible -- recording dreams. When they stumble across a hidden message in certain recordings. Not knowing where to turn next, she enlists the help of some of her close friends to figure out what these hidden messages are actually trying to tell her.The narration for The Code was done by Mike Vendetti, who has done numerous other Nick Thacker audiobooks. They work together for a re [...]

    3. Jennifer Palmer on said:

      When this book started, it was quite a bit better than book one, The Enigma Strain, and I had hopes that, despite a rough start to the series that said first book presented, this would be a series I enjoyed quite a bit.Then the climax of the book came.When I wasn't bored and disinterested with what was happening, I was going 'Wait, what? When did this thing that was referenced happen?' (while not caring enough to actually go back to see what I'd missed), or mentally facepalming and going 'No. Th [...]

    4. Joe Geesin on said:

      This book follows on very nicely from the first, with continued characterisation. Lots of action that's not out of place, very well written.Shady business dealings trying to muscle in on genuine research, in which Ben becomes embroiled. A chase up the (sounds like James Bond), and the discovery of long hidden secrets, and the opening up of a legend.The finish is a nice twist, easy to think it's a come-down but in actual fact a good reflection on the effects of human nature. Definitely left me k [...]

    5. Tkash on said:

      A page turner. Fast paced action throughout. Great way to escape to another reality.

    6. Mandy Hackland on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's an exciting read. I'm looking forward to reading the others in the series.

    7. Andrea on said:

      We readers are lucky to revisit Harvey Bennett again in the thriller, The Code. This novel broaches themes in a similar way to my favorite Thacker novel,The Golden Crystal, with the revelation of an ancient mystery. And this revelation comes at a price. This is an adventure of epic proportions. Ben and Julie get themselves deeply involved in chasing the "Company" again and thwarting their plans. Along the way they meet some new friends and some new enemies. They discover answers to ancient my [...]

    8. Erin Pennings on said:

      I enjoyed this book quite a bit It's an interesting premise I love novels that offer an alternative take on a well known legend and turn it on its head. This style of book reminds me of Rollins and Cussler, two authors who I love and will buy just about any book from them. With that said, this book could have been considerably longer, portrayed the same events and been just as much of a page turner. By that I mean I felt that it actually moved too fast. I had to flip back and forth in several pl [...]

    9. Mary on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book - hadnt come across this author before but I always enjoy exploring new authors. I found this book very exciting, found it hard to put down but as I usually read before bedtime I end up stopping because of drooping eyes!. It was a real page turner and had unexpected turns and twists. I will definitely be looking to find other books by this author and also in this series as I seem to have missed the first book.

    10. Book Him Danno on said:

      An action story that was filled with all that a reader is looking for in an adventure story. Damsels in distress, surprise attacks, gun fights, conspiracy, murder and general mayhem. All of this takes place in the and there is also contact with an unreported tribe for good measure. All in all an excellent story that was well-written.I have rated this book four stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure stories.I obtained this book from in Kindle format.

    11. Matt B. on said:

      I've read a few of Nick Thacker's books, and this is definitely his best work today. If you enjoy thrillers in the vein of Ludlum and Cussler, but written lean and trim, this is the book for you. Gripping action, and enough twists and turns to keep you reading just one more chapter before you go to bed!

    12. Rick Davis on said:

      The pacing was good, and the author can certainly write a good action scene. However, the book overall felt a bit generic as many of the characters were underdeveloped or utilized only to further a plot point. I never really connected with the main characters or found myself invested in their lives.

    13. Wardy on said:

      Pretty good even stand alone This is the 2nd book in the series but I read it first. If kept me hooked all the way through and the lead character back story was easy to understand without reading book 1. Great take on conquistadors mythology too

    14. James L Fields on said:

      Excellent readIt kept me entertained until the end. I recommend it to those who love action/adventure novels. It had plenty of that

    15. Mairi Krausse on said:

      Great action storyIf you want fast paced, interesting reading, then this book is for you. It keeps you guessing and turning pages.

    16. Peggy on said:

      Very interesting storyline, would really enjoy more adventures with Ben and Julie!

    17. Debbie on said:

      Action packedGreat story, great characters, holding my breath through many scenes. Cant wait for the next book in the series. Great job nick thacker

    18. Bruce Perrin on said:

      An Action-Packed Adventure…But Psychics?At its heart, The Code is action/adventure, with all the extreme feats and unlikely events that this genre implies. Set in the (obviously), it becomes a veritable catalog of the gruesome ways someone might die in that world – hostile natives, vicious creatures, unforgiving habitat. Then, add to that mix a shadowy and utterly ruthless organization committed to your demise and the stage is set for some hair-raising action.The potential reader should vi [...]

    19. Bonnie Keck on said:

      Kindle Unlimited, although had The Enigma Strain and The Code didn't have Ice Chasm so thru kindle unlimited to get the 3 pack Harvey Bennett Thrillers: Books 1-3 (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Box Set) .Even if hadn't gotten 'free' with ku, well worth the time to read, and not my usual genre more mystery less thriller but enjoyed them. Also used ku to read Killer Thrillers: 3 Bestselling Novels which has the this one but also has The Golden Crystal and The Depths in that 3 set. Glimpse a New Worl [...]

    20. Sandy Wallace on said:

      Secrets in the RainforestThis second book in the Harvey "Ben" Bennett series, like many sequels, lacks a bit in the beginning. The reader is not immediately thrown into the thick of things. But keep reading to find yourself on an exciting and dangerous journey into the darkest reaches of the . Ben and Julierre are still looking for the mysterious "Company" behind the terrorism in the first book and, through a contact of Julie's, find themselves learning more as they race for their lives with new [...]

    21. Seoirse Dunbar on said:

      The Code, the second in the Harvey "Ben" Bennett series, is a book in the same vein as The Da Vinci code but this time set in the amazon jungle. I was invested in the two main characters and in one or two of the others, although a couple of others could have been a bit more developed. Still the central relationship between the two main characters always kept my interest. There are some nicely written action scenes although the author also slows down the pace to allow us time to breathe and for [...]

    22. Robert Foster on said:

      Great story idea. Poorly executed. There are quite a few glaring grammar errors and a few logical errors in the plotline. In several places you have to scream at the characters for being well so out of character. Such as a military jar-head who seems paranoid about everything and everyone, except for a seemingly innocent person (a key antagonist) who is mysteriously left alive with a flesh wound while everyone else in the house was mercilessly murdered. Nick Thacker tells the story with too ma [...]

    23. David Huelsmann on said:

      Read Book 1 of this series which I rated 4 star. This one I rated three star. Why the difference you may ask? It was somewhat less believable than the first though still full of action throughout. I found the idea of a hidden brain connection to a long lost tribe in the somewhat non-believable. And having two women who really are not prepared for fighting their way through the jungle and all of the potential risks that such a trek entails also adds a layer of disbelief. Nonetheless, I finished [...]

    24. Wendy on said:

      A second book that just keeps on going!Ben and Julie met in the first book in Yellowstone while trying to stop a deadly virus from being released. Now they are fighting their way through the beautiful and deadly rainforest, with a pack of ruthless mercenaries hot on their trail. Survival is going to take a miracle just to get in and out of the rainforest because of it's indigenous dangers but being hunted by the mercenaries heightens the intensity greatly! Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride [...]

    25. Nayari on said:

      Honestly, I'm starting to love this author. Both of his stories are action-packed thrillers with high stakes and deep emotional connections. I genuinely care about the characters and love watching them grow. I also like the feel of it unfoldinge books are connected and you can tell each one is unraveling a little more of the mystery from the previous one. It is smart storytelling and just plain fun to read!

    26. Aditya on said:

      Ok, I knew what i was getting into when I read the back story about the book, as expected the book is more about the chase in amazon then the actual scientific discovery if we can call it that. So, if you are interested in adventure chases in the amazon try this book. But I think find anything worth remembering or thinking about the book, in the end I wanted it to be with over it, so i could pick my next read.

    27. lovestoread on said:

      First time reading something by Nick Thacker. Must say Code was a good read. I really enjoyed the suspense and uncertainty with regard to the characters . Ben and Julie get thrown into the adventure of their lives chasing down The Company in the jungle and trying to determine exactly what they are up to. Reggie is awesome! He steps up and helps this ragtag group of people survive an amazon adventure.

    28. Mike Calabrese on said:

      Another Edge of Your Seat Read by Nick ThackerHaving read the last book in this series I was already familiar with the main characters in this book. This one was full of excitement. You never knew if the good guys were going to prevail or not. There were unexpected twists and the end was nothing like I thought it would be. You'll have to read this book to find this all out!

    29. Mary Rowe on said:

      Interesting, exhausting, wondrousInternational thriller - long trek through the rainforest, ancestral memories, mercenaries, Romance, shadowy covert non-governmental entities, unimaginable wealth and resources. Death and destruction. Unanswered questions, enough for at least two if not three more books!

    30. Michael Chesler on said:

      Characters are getting under my skinWell paced and thought out. Character development works well with a fascinating premise. Thacker is a wonderful amalgam of other authors with a unique style of his own. He creates a world that is close enough to reality to let you drop your preconceptions.

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