The Music Never Dies

Rain Carrington

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The Music Never Dies

The Music Never Dies In this the th and final installment of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles we find out the fate of Rebel Marino who in the last book was in a terrible accident left to the ghosts of the past and the te

  • Title: The Music Never Dies
  • Author: Rain Carrington
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this the 6th and final installment of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles, we find out the fate of Rebel Marino, who in the last book was in a terrible accident, left to the ghosts of the past and the tenacity of his fianc This gripping look at the lives of all of the couples we have grown to love is a testament to hope, faith and endearing strength that they have found inIn this the 6th and final installment of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles, we find out the fate of Rebel Marino, who in the last book was in a terrible accident, left to the ghosts of the past and the tenacity of his fianc This gripping look at the lives of all of the couples we have grown to love is a testament to hope, faith and endearing strength that they have found in each other and the friendship that holds them all together as they face maybe the hardest trials yet Each of them come up against past demons and future fears as one of their own must stand against sickness and pain Rebel, Jack, Lonnie, Travis, Binx, Nathan, Pappy, Sidney, Brandon, Joey, Andy and Lin as well as the people of the town of Apishipa Creek and the leather club Manacle band together to save a new love that none of them saw coming as well as fight the evil of the young men who left Rebel to die Come once to the town tucked in the mountains of Colorado and fall in love again Warning This book contains BDSM and scenes of consensual sex between two or men

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    One thought on “The Music Never Dies

    1. Maggie on said:

      Brilliant! Amazing! Absolutely Loved it!The best ending ever! OMG!!!! I am speechless! Rain created the perfect ending to this series, hands down! Beautifully written, so well done, I can't come up with the proper way to convey this! My Rebelsweet, awesomely amazing man!! To have such an ending, filled with Love, Hope, Happiness and tons of Hot man sexjust so Perfect!!! Through and through. Thank you Rain for these men, this series, this family of misfits who are all such a joy, and who I love b [...]

    2. Dakota Storm on said:

      I had to take some time after reading this amazing story to really think about how to put into words my feelings on this last book in this series. I actually begged the author to tell me what happens at the end because my heart was breaking for Rebel and his rag tag family but she wouldn't budge and threatened me if I skipped aheadlmaoThis book was freaking amazing from start to finish, I loved each book but this one stole my heart, made me cry and got me ready to slap the author and then of cou [...]

    3. Heidi Ryan on said:

      This book is the final book in the Apishipa Creek Chronicles and I believe it may be the best. I have loved this series since the first pages of Rebel Yells and the author outdid herself in this last installment. The cliffhanger at the end of Big Bad Mooney had everyone gasping when Rebel was hanging by a thread. I was dying to see how it played out and I have to say, it finishes beautifully. And very true to real life. You get some good and some bad. This isn't a fairy tale, so the realism in t [...]

    4. Cathy Brockman on said:

      This is book 6 and the final book of this season. I do recommend you read them all in order at least the last one since this one picks up where book 5 left off. I absolutely loved the play on song titles with this series.The last book left us with a very upsetting cliffhanger. The blurb above says it all so I won’t go over the details of the story.I loved this book and it was wrapped up so nicely. This one however was quite a bit different from all the others but in a good way. This one doesn [...]

    5. Rachel on said:

      WOWWhat can I say about this final installment of this series. There was emotion flowing off the pages from the 1st page. There was so much love, friendship, support and hot steamy sex throughout this book.There was struggles small and large from Rebel and Jack to Lonnie, Joey and the other sub's and Dom's.This book showed what true love can do for people. It all started with Rebel coming to town. The whole sequence of books and events started with him and his struggle. Rebel brought together th [...]

    6. Youjest on said:

      "You started all of this, Rebel. It started the moment you came to town and it's grown, taken on a life of its own."And that's the truth of this final book in the Apishipa Creek Chronicles. Starting with Rebel Yells (if you haven't read this first book of the series, do yourself a huge favor and read it now! Right now!), I have loved every single perfectly flawed character that Rain Carrington has introduced into my world. This book brings us full circle with all of the men of this crazy small t [...]

    7. Bradley Mathis-Krone on said:

      One of the hardest things to do in life is to say goodbye to friends. I've always sucked at it because I get teary eyed and get the sniffles, but with the conclusion of The Music Never Dies I was full fledged Ugly Cry Bawling!!!Through all six books of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles I have fallen in love with these beautiful men and their little piece of heaven in the mountains. Following all their trails and trepidation, their joys and their sorrows and Book 6 was the most tragic, heart warming [...]

    8. Sue on said:

      Read May 10th to May 11, 2015SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT AND UNFORGETTABLEThis is a simply magnificent and unforgettable series!! In this final story we must say goodbye to our beloved characters that we've come to love. I thank Rain Carrington for giving them such a wonderful ending. All questions were answered and some beautiful surprises were written in to make the story even better than expected. With the addition of Hope all things are possibleis story was just fantastic in every way. I loved the ap [...]

    9. Ineztey on said:

      Beautiful way to end the series. Don't get me wrong, there will be plenty of tears. But not all of them would be of sadness, some will be of anger, joy, happiness, tenderness, etc. Yes, this last installment will get all those feelings and more flowing. Rebel's predicament gets everyone thinking about their relationships and how they would react. Of course all the Doms and Subs ship in to help make things easier in various situations. The love those men have for each other is unconditional and g [...]

    10. Caryn on said:

      The perfect end to this wonderful series. This story brings this ever-evolving family together to rally around the one who really started it all. Rebel's accident is shocking and the fallout are everything we expect. But, it doesn't make it any less heart wrenching. Watching this wonderful group of men fight for their happy ending is a beautiful thing. I love that we get to see each beautiful dynamic in its' own right play out and see just how tightly this group is bound, especially with one las [...]

    11. Vicki Easom Johnson on said:

      Perfect! What a perfect ending for an incredible series of books! Rain Carrington knows how to work her talent! I had so many different feelings coming our during this whole series and especially this book that I didn't know how I was going to handle this being the last one. As I sit her crying I feel so alone yet so happy. I'm so happy that all of these men found their happiness. Each set of men struggled with real life problems and worked through them. This has become one of my top 5 series ev [...]

    12. Inca on said:

      I feel like I held my breath since the ending in the last book. And now I cried and laughed and hold my breath through another book. Sad and funny. And hot and kinky. A delicious sweet mix of everything. And I really love this series. And the saddest part of the book, was two words on the last page "the end", knowing it's over and we don't get to visit Apishipa Creek again. Love the books, and hope Rain Carrington will make lots more and I can't wait to read them.

    13. Denise White on said:

      AMAZING!!!This was an amazing seriesI loved every book and every characterRain Carrington is now one of my favorite authorsevery book is an auto-buy for me she wrote these amazing characters is just brilliance!! The ending of this final book was perfectI hope to see these wonderful characters again in her future worksI will NEVER forget Apishipa Creek!!!

    14. brandi west on said:

      Such a good series!!!It is by far and away one of the best stories I've read in a long time. The characters are loveable relatable and sweet I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I suggest you read it!!!! Happy tears lol

    15. Leda on said:

      This series is definitely going on my favorites list!Wonderful seriesWonderful charactersWonderful story lines- well written and executedThe ending couldn't of been more perfect! Damn I'm going to miss these guys something fierce! Thank you Rain for sharing them with us!

    16. Kenike on said:

      I loved it! I have read all six stories and hated for the series to end!!! I loved all of these stories and this last one was a little sad! I would recommend this series if anyone wants to read these great stories!!!

    17. Yvette on said:

      Wow, what an ending to a great series. Lovely just lovely. Recommend for my GR friends who enjoy their kink and love a great story.

    18. Jessica on said:

      Let me start by saying that I love Ms Carrington - ever since she started on a fan fiction site. I enjoy all of her characters from every story she has created. With that being said, I would have liked it better if she didn't have a cliff hanger in Lin's story. It was because of that cliff hanger that I felt the need to move on to this. I had a feeling this was probably the only one I should have skipped but how could you with a cliff hanger like that? My feeling was correct - I did not enjoy th [...]

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