Teacher: Act Two

R.L. Merrill

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Teacher: Act Two

Teacher Act Two In Teacher Jesse Martin and Danny Black find a love that neither of them ever thought possible under the most unusual circumstances Many obstacles stood in the way of their budding romance including

  • Title: Teacher: Act Two
  • Author: R.L. Merrill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Teacher, Jesse Martin and Danny Black find a love that neither of them ever thought possible under the most unusual circumstances Many obstacles stood in the way of their budding romance, including their student teacher relationship, an unstable ex wife, and the question of whether Danny s voice would ever be rock ready again But when Danny s 12 year old daughter JaneIn Teacher, Jesse Martin and Danny Black find a love that neither of them ever thought possible under the most unusual circumstances Many obstacles stood in the way of their budding romance, including their student teacher relationship, an unstable ex wife, and the question of whether Danny s voice would ever be rock ready again But when Danny s 12 year old daughter Jane removes the most important obstacle by giving them her blessing, it s time to celebrate The Second Act finds these two lovers navigating a fresh relationship with new roles and expectations Together they share new experiences that bring them closer, and really bring on the heat Danny works at chipping away the wall Jesse has built to protect herself and she tries to keep him grounded as Blackened heads to the studio to record their masterpiece Then life places new obstacles in the way of our adoring couple Jesse s health takes a turn for the worse, Danny scrambles to finish school, and a meddling mom sticks her nose in where it doesn t belong making Jesse question, once again, whether or not she ll ever fit into Danny s world A whirlwind turn of events brings them closer, then threatens to tear them apart Will their new love survive the insanity that is Danny s life Will Jesse fight to keep her new family together Will Cosmo accept that Sunday Shower Day is detrimental to his love life These questions and will be explored in Teacher The Second ActIS NOVEL IS MEANT FOR READERS 18 DUE TO EVEN STEAMIER SEX, CRAZIER HIJINKS, AND ENOUGH FOUL LANGUAGE TO MAKE A ROCK STAR BLUSH.

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    One thought on “Teacher: Act Two

    1. Julie Garrett on said:

      The story of Jesse an Danny continues in this book things are much more intense an steamier. Watching what they endure an how they deal with the things that pop up made me happy, sad an pissed off. There are some pretty intense sex scenes happening an wow are they hot. Getting over this book hangover will take me awhile. If you looking for a book that will make laugh, cry an wanna smack someone this is the book for you.

    2. Cyndi Becker on said:

      If I loved and connected with the characters in R.L. Merrills’ Teacher - A Hollywood Rockin’ Romance Trilogy Part One, the feeling quadrupled in Teacher: Act Two. The story picks up where Teacher left us hanging (yes, its trilogy so expect some cliff hangers. But they are well timed to the storyline. In TA2 Jesse and Danny are now in the midst of Danny's daughter Jane moving in with him full-time, Jesse navigating her feelings and trying to rectify what she thinks is “right” versus what [...]

    3. Sassy Beta Reading & Review on said:

      OMG I loved this one almost as much as number 1 and that one is pretty hard to beat. The only thing that kept this one from beating number 1 was all the cryingThere were so many tears shed in this book, by Jesse, Jane and Danny , that it got to be a little too much and I would find myself skimming.I love the continuation of the story line. There were a few parts that dragged and I could have done without and really didn't add to the progression of the story, but I like Jesse and Danny so much th [...]

    4. Debra on said:

      Absolutely loved Teacher: Act Two, kept the story going in a good direction with progression of all the characters. Can't wait to see how Act Three turns out, need more Danny and Jesse!

    5. Jamie on said:

      This review can also be found on: bbf-book-boyfriends/I was lucky enough to receive review copies of those books by the author! And in the end, I think she gave me book two only because I basically begged her to LOL So thank you lady!!!This is the story of Jesse Martin, who works as a teacher but barely makes ends meet. When the school year comes to an end and she realizes that she might not have a job for the next one, she becomes desperate. Or let's say, she looks for way to support not only h [...]

    6. Melissa on said:

      I received a copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest opinion.This book continues where book #1, Teacher, left off with a cliffhanger!! I love the story of Danny and Jesse. How cute are they together? Once again, the characters leap off of the pages. This is in Jesse's POV and I love it, but I wish we could know Danny's POV. Now we see how they both handle being together and dealing with life challenges. Danny's ex-wife decides she can not take care of their daughter, Jane, anymore so she giv [...]

    7. Amy on said:

      Teacher Act Two continues the heartwarming story of Danny and Jesse. I fell in love with their story in book one and book two does not disappoint. R.L. Merrill’s writing is top notch. It is very descriptive and the development in her characters is flawless. As Danny and Jesse move forward with their relationship, we get to see their struggles, individually and as a couple. The love they share is definitely a one-of-a-kind love. I love the relationship Jesse is building with Jane and how close [...]

    8. Marcy on said:

      First off, this book is the continuation of the story of Danny and Jesse. You really need to read the first book before reading this one; it is not really a stand alone book. I was so excited to read what happens next with Danny and Jesse! In the first book, we see how they come together. In this one, we see the beginning few months of their relationship, and how they deal with all of the obstacles life throws at them. I love the passion that they feel for each other, and how they can talk throu [...]

    9. SiKReviews on said:

      In the first book, we watched Danny and Jesse fall in love. Let's face it, in the first book we all fell in love with Danny and Jesse. In this second book, we watch as their love grows and evolves. And more important, with every new chapter, I fell even more in love with the rocker and his teacher. Jesse has been fighting for so long on her own, she is afraid to let down that last wall to Danny. Danny is afraid she will never let that wall down. Will she leave him too? We learn a bit more about [...]

    10. Sara on said:

      Teacher Act Two is just as amazing, if not better than Teacher. I loved the continuation of Danny and Jesse's story. All the characters are so well developed and we get to know Danny and Jesse's families a little better. All the secondary characters add to the story and help to make it so much more than just story. I absolutely cannot wait for Teacher the Final Act to come out so I can see the resolution to the story. I am completely in love with Danny, and I can't wait to see what he does next. [...]

    11. Lela on said:

      I was so glad to see that this book has a continuation to it! Danny and Jesse make a perfect pair even with their ups & downs. In this book you find out if Danny is able to sing again and where exactly the relationship is going between the pair. Jesse gets sick and has to take a hard look at herself and what she wants from life as well as Danny. I was also pleased to see that Jane had a more active roll in this book. I love how she was incorporated into the story line.

    12. Dawn Frazier on said:

      I would give more than five stars if I could! This is book two in the trilogy, and it is fantastic! It continues the story of Jesse and Danny, and all of the everyday things that are going on between them, with his daughter, and his ex wife. Jesse is also making some life changing decisions. I read this book in about two days because I couldn't put it down. Now I am trying to be patient for book three!

    13. Sherri Malia on said:

      Amazingly WrittenJessie & Danny are such a perfect couple. The love hard & work hard through any obstacles that arise. I found this book to be better than the first. It was very well written and the characters continue to pull you into their lives. I’m ready to see what book 3 brings. Couldn’t put it down…even while fighting a migraine. It’s just an overall great read.

    14. Amy on said:

      WOW! This 2nd act is amazing! Continuing the story of Danny and Jesse we learn about their families and we meet a lot of great people behind the scenes. And a not so great one who we would all just like to knock the piss out of. They both made some life changing decisions and its just getting better. If you haven't read this series you need to get the lead out of your butt because its amazing!

    15. Yvonne Farmer on said:

      I really Loved this book! I Love Danny and want to know how Danny and Jesse story goes. I Loved when they went to visit her parents and reading about the interaction with Danny and Jesse's parents it was funny that I was worried how everyone would get along. I Loved how Jane interacted with Jesse's Mom. I cannot wait for more!

    16. Staci on said:

      Nothing that comes easy is ever worth having. In my experience every blessing has come with struggle. It has made each accomplishment more worthwhile. Still enraptured by R.L. Merrill's ability to express the depth of each person's personal troubles and triumphs.

    17. Stephenee on said:

      * I was gifted a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. *I fell in love with this couple in book one and book two continues to demand all of the readers attention and doesn't disappoint in any way. The author continues to provide insight to the characters, further develops them and their relationship and spends more time informing the reader about the devastating results of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the very real ways in which people can and do deal with it. The author delves deeper [...]

    18. Bloggers From Down Under on said:

      ** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **With so many things going though her head, Jesse had so many questions she wanted answers for.Will the love her and Danny have be over once school is finished? How will she fit into Danny’s world? What will Jane say about it all?Danny has been working so hard to get his diploma, and now is working in the studio with the boys. Jesse has been finding it hard to know where she fits in.Jesse is having such a hard time with Danny wanting to [...]

    19. Pamela Talley on said:

      Teacher: Act Two by R L Merrill A FIVE STAR Read!!!An invisible tether was pulling them closer and closer together.Danny and Jesse have taken their relationship to the level of lovers.  OMG, they are so HOT, steam poured out of my Kindle Fire.  LOL  Jesse’s boss Gloria has agreed to take over assigning grades for Danny’s work but Jesse is still the Teacher.  Danny and Jesse are working hard to pass enough credits to qualify him to take the California State High School Exit Exam.  T [...]

    20. Maria York on said:

      Jesse is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to moving in with Danny! But sometimes when being stuck those are the walls that need to be broken through! But when things get a bit heavy Jesse doesn't know what she should do! Danny has finally convinced his love, his life and his one true love to finally move in with him! But one night has the possibility to change everything! Can Jesse and Danny move past this twist or is it just to much to deal with? Amazing book that I was sucked into [...]

    21. Teresa Holleran on said:

      Still loving Danny!! I couldn't get enough of Danny and had to continue reading!! R.L. Merrill has written a priceless gem with these books! I laughed, I cried, and got really mad when it looks like things are going to end for Danny and Jesse! The crazy couple experiences more trials and tribulations trying to make their relationship work!! Once again you are left asking what is gonna happen next and are they ever gonna get their happily ever after! and one again I was not disappointed!!

    22. Monsterella Reviews on said:

      I absolutely fell in love with Teacher and had to continue reading through the Act Two the love and pain and reality of this heartfelt story just keeps the reader wanting more! R.L. Merrill is such a great author and I'm so happy to have stumbled upon her work.

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