With or Without You

Carole Matthews

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With or Without You

With or Without You This romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Matthews takes a humorous look at one woman s journey of finding herself and facing the hardest decision of her life

  • Title: With or Without You
  • Author: Carole Matthews
  • ISBN: 9780373895939
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • This romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Matthews takes a humorous look at one woman s journey of finding herself and facing the hardest decision of her life.

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    One thought on “With or Without You

    1. Nanci on said:

      It was okay, but I didn't like how the author portrayed abortion. Especially in light of the Stupak amendment that just passed, I'm sure it was just a sore spot for me. She portrayed the main character as being unable to have children because of an abortion she had as a young woman. Because of this she feels like it's her fault for having an abortion. I felt like this was misleading about the facts of abortions and needlessly heaped on guilt to the character. Then the bitch character has an abor [...]

    2. Angie on said:

      Yay! I loved this book!The storyline is extremely fun and there was not a dull moment! I couldn't put it down.Lyssa has tried for 4 years to have a baby with her live-in boyfriend. Unfortunately he drops a bomb on her that forces her into thinking she needs time away from her busy life in London.She decide to venture the Himalays for 1 month all by herself on a tour thru the mountains.Something wonderful happens to her and you must read what it is!Fun, easy read that will put a smile on your fac [...]

    3. Kate Mccarthy on said:

      A fantastic book, read over a couple of days.Would recommend

    4. Asmaa on said:

      The book takes you from reading about a very dull female head who is only focused on one idea which is to have a baby and be a mother, all the way to this fun female who caries a very heavy rucksack and hiking the Himalayas. Lyssa finally found herself after being dumped by her boyfriend Jake after being together for 4 years.I loved the since of humor all over the storyline also I like the very small thought that jumps in between lines, the kind of thoughts you have while you are reading the boo [...]

    5. Rebekah Moan on said:

      So normally I like to pretend my taste is very high brow and that I don't read chicklit. But this book I'm OK telling people I read it because it has more depth than a normal romantic romp. There's a commentary on society and not everything gets wrapped up in a neat bow. It's more "realistic" while still being enjoyable and allowed me to escape my troubles for a spell.

    6. Redfox5 on said:

      March really is the month for chick lit as this is my 6th chick lit book of the month! Really enjoyable read (I swear I say this about all books!) Makes me want to go to Nepal and trek all over the Himalayas. Okay maybe I'd never be brave enough to do that as I hate tents with a passion but I've just googled treks in Nepal and it looks nice

    7. Angela on said:

      Matthews writes awesome chick lit. It's a great read when you want to get away from real life and escape.

    8. PrettyFlamingo on said:

      We follow the story of assistant magazine editor Lyssa whose live-in partner Jake has just announced over breakfast that “it isn’t working”. And he doesn’t mean the toaster. Just like that. He’s been cheating with an alpha bitch from work, who it turns out is exactly who he deserves, leaving Lyssa to mourn their relationship, the wasted IVF attempts and her life. She is something of a paradox at first; she seems to be getting on with life by going to work but then mourns the relationsh [...]

    9. Rachel on said:

      The chick-littiest chick-lit you could ask for, but sometimes that's what you need. I did enjoy it, but in retrospect Lyssa is the kind of person I can't stand - obsession with having a baby I can understand, obsession with hairdryers, not so much. Her main objection to her boyfriend's desertion for another woman seems to be that the other woman has a bigger bottom than her. Having 3 men in love with her in the end was a bit much! I also objected to the bit about her previous abortion causing he [...]

    10. Lesley on said:

      I enjoyed this even more than the first book I ready by Ms Matthews.In fact, I haven't put it down all day - which is probably something I should be ashamed of, but I'm not.The story take place in what sound like such a beautiful country - Nepal, and it raises the romance from the normal routine romance.

    11. Suzanne on said:

      This was a great read. I love how lyssa turns her sad circumstances into positive ones. A great book.

    12. Mr J Jones on said:

      Another brilliant story lineFound hard at first getting into story but after chapter 4 couldn't put book down. A romantic aalmost believable story.

    13. Janey on said:

      Engaging and uplifting story, if a bit improbable at points. Sometimes I skip-read parts because it was a little repetitive or over-laboured a point, but 99% was great.

    14. Laura on said:

      Another really good book by Carole Matthews. Great characters with a great story line. Will read more by her in the future.

    15. RJ McGill on said:

      International best selling author Carole Matthews delivers a heart-warming tale of personal growth and rediscovery in With or Without You. In the heroine’s misdirected attempt to make herself irresistible to an ex-lover, the hiatus from her comfort zone sets in motion a transformation process, to which the reader is given a front row seat. What ensues is quite different from the cookie cutter romance many readers might expect based on the cover art. From the detailed exploration of one woman [...]

    16. Swati Jain on said:

      With a little more depth than your regular chicklits, With or Without You by Carole Matthews has a different flavour. I have no shame or embarrassment in saying I read Chick-lit- and a lot of it.What’s the key plot?Well, it’s a 30 something woman in a stable relationship trying really, really hard to have a baby. The suddenly, the boyfriend decides that he’s going to leave our baby-obsessed heroine for a younger, hotter thing at work. Our heroine, Lyssa, works as an editor for baby magazin [...]

    17. Sarah Eiseman on said:

      This book was a little more novel-ish than my usual, but I liked it just the same. At times the story seemed to drag on a bit, but I love listening to Brits talk and the transformation that the characters went through over the course of the book was quite dramatic.Initially, we meet Lyssa Allen the day her live-in boyfriend, Jake, dumps her. He doesn’t tell her at the time, but he’s shacked up with a woman (think Angelina Jolie) from work, while Lyssa deals with the hormonal turmoil of IVF i [...]

    18. Jennifer on said:

      I started off not identifying with the character as she is obsessed with having a baby. When her boyfriend dumps her and goes off with another woman, then I could relate to her. In an effort to get her life back on track, she takes her ex's best friends' advice and does something radical-goes trekking in the Himalayas. Again, with my experience overseas, I could relate. However, the story was really too long and had too many other little sub stories thrown in that weren't really fleshed out espe [...]

    19. Olivia Farr on said:

      "With or Without You" is the story of Lyssa, a 34-year-old woman, whose long-term boyfriend leaves her at the beginning of the book just after another round of IVF fails. Lyssa has been desperate to have a baby and is now in the terrible position of being alone and without comfort. Soon, she discovers that her ex has left her for a younger, independent woman, Neve, who has goals other than being a mother, such as climbing the Himalayas. Lyssa then embarks on her own quest, quitting her job at a [...]

    20. Joanna on said:

      Słodziutki Dean. *.*Równie słodki Pip. :3Gej który jednak nie jest gejem. ^.^Zdrada "bo coś się zepsuło" -.-Zimna suka. :/Siódme dziecko w drodze. O.OI Nepal <3Przyznam szczerze że w większej części książka mnie po prostu nudziła. Trzydziestoczteroletnia kobieta owładnięta obsesją na punkcie dziecka, zaniedbująca swojego partnera aż się prosi o życiową porażkę. Pozycja nie porywa swoją zawartością a i opisy są często gęsto albo wybrakowane albo przesadzone. Plus [...]

    21. Catsalive on said:

      cover:When Jake tells Lyssa it's not working, she knows he's not talking about the toaster. What she doesn't realise is that he has been seduced by another woman.Lyssa's immediate reaction is to sob into her pillow and wait for Jake to come home with his tail between his legs, but slowly she understands that's not an option. In a bid to escape, she embarks on a trekking holiday in Nepal. Her sister teases her that she'll meet a hairy-arsed yak shepherd - but it never occurs to Lyssa that in the [...]

    22. Danielle on said:

      It did take me a few chapters to get into this book. I found that Lyssa, the heroine, was quite annoying at first. She was very dependent on her boyfriend and was pretty obsessed with trying to have a baby. I felt sorry for the guy until I found out what he was really up to.The author did a great job of explaining how life is in Nepal. I enjoyed reading about it and it got me thinking of all the different types of cultures all over the world and how different and unique we all are.The relationsh [...]

    23. Shannon on said:

      When I started this book, I was really annoyed with the main character, Lyssa, and her equally bothersome cad of a boyfriend, Jake. However, something happened as the book wore on (despite some glaring typos i.e. Eddie instead of Edie!!) and I was able to take some bigger meaning from this fluff piece of literature. Lyssa took a trip to Nepal, where the state of living is much, much different than what we're used to in England and USA. People seem to be happier with less and priorities are put i [...]

    24. Kat Robson on said:

      A good read. I always liked carols Matthews style and this is no different. I LOVED the characters all but Jane and NEVE the woman who ruins it all. a young intelligent working girl is Ript in half by her fella leaving her for the horrible neve right in the middle of trying for a baby, it's all she wants and is the grass greener? no its not oops but Lysa is devastating and here's the neve is off to climb everest so she does something similar and she finds live where she never expected it. she go [...]

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