Το παιδί από τη Γερμανία

Camilla Läckberg Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης

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Το παιδί από τη Γερμανία

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  • Title: Το παιδί από τη Γερμανία
  • Author: Camilla Läckberg Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
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      360 Camilla Läckberg Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης
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      Posted by:Camilla Läckberg Γρηγόρης Κονδύλης
      Published :2019-04-02T10:08:36+00:00

    One thought on “Το παιδί από τη Γερμανία

    1. Alex on said:

      The Hidden Child is easily the strongest entry in Läckberg's canon to date, and this is largely attributable to the fact that in this novel she has a masterful handle on just about all of her characters. Erica is not sidelined for the first time since The Ice Princess, and Mellberg, now that we've accepted that he doesn't do any actual work, is clearly being groomed into a lovably reformed "middle aged" man in his sixties. First you throw him a dog, and the rest will follow. The crime here is f [...]

    2. Aditi on said:

      “One day you will do things for me that you hate. That is what it means to be family.”----Jonathan Safran FoerCamilla Läckberg, the international bestselling author, is back with her new Nordic noir, The Hidden Child which is the fifth book in her popular crime thriller series, Fjällbacka. This book welcomes the well admired protagonist, Patrik Hedström, who is on a four month paternity leave for his 1 year old daughter whereas his popular crime writer wife, Erica is back to writing novel [...]

    3. Katia Petsali on said:

      4/5 γιατί περίμενα το κάτι παραπάνω που δεν ήρθε! Κατα τα άλλα καλό, χιούμορ στα σωστά σημεία, χειρισμός λεπτών θεμάτων με δεξιοτεχνία, με κούρασε προς το τέλος

    4. Alex on said:

      I'm not really sure why I'm still reading these, but I guess they're predictably enjoyable? I'm always really into the mysteries, and you pretty much know it's going to unfold really slowly.Still, they are uncomfortably sexist sometimes, even though Lackberg seems to be making an effort to sort of drag that discussion into her story. But, like, Patrik will do things like go on an accidental two-hour errand run, while leaving the baby with Erica even though she's now working and he's on paternity [...]

    5. Nikoleta on said:

      Ωραία έναρξη, στην πορεία το βιβλίο γίνεται λίγο υποτονικό όμως το κλείσιμο της ιστορίας είναι υπέροχη, δυνατή και με ένταση.

    6. Barbara on said:

      In Fjällbacka, Sweden two teens break into the house of Erik Frankel, an elderly man who collects Nazi memorabilia. They're shocked to discover his badly decomposed body. Coincidentally true crime writer Erica Falck, looking through belongings of her deceased mother, Elsy, finds some diaries and a Nazi medal. Thus starts a dual investigation - the police look into Erik's death and Erica searches for information about her mother. The story alternates between the present-day and the 1940s (during [...]

    7. Jeanette on said:

      I'm generous giving this a 3. Closer to a 2.5 star because these novels (Lackberg series) are not as much crime or mystery genre anymore as they are continuing character minutia tracts. The read is 40% character trivia that is basically unrelated whimsy and only on a super wide tangent from any fact or semi-involved relationship that has anything to do with the plot or outcome of the "mystery". A run on sentence but that's what is going on more and more with each progressive Lackberg novel. I do [...]

    8. Thomas on said:

      Βαθμολογία: ★★★★Το πέμπτο βιβλίο της σειράς μου φάνηκε και το καλύτερο μέχρι στιγμής. Η υπόθεση έχει μια πιο προσωπική διάσταση, αφού εμπλέκεται άμεσα η μητέρα της πρωταγωνίστριας. Τα κεφάλαια που διαδραματίζονται στη διάρκεια του Β' Παγκόσμιου μου φάνηκαν ιδιαίτερα ενδ [...]

    9. Anna on said:

      Το βιβλίο αυτό είναι η πέμπτη περιπέτεια του Πάτρικ και της Ερίκα στη Φιελμπάκα, όπου μάλλον όλοι οι κάτοικοί της έχουν καλά κρυμμένα μυστικά που έρχονται στο φως μέσα από φόνους. Αφού σε κάποια στιγμή ο ίδιος ο Μέλμπεργκ (απολαυστικότατος σε αυτό το βιβλίο) αναρωτιέται τι έ [...]

    10. Stacia on said:

      This just wasn't a very good book.Some parts of it were okay: I didn't know that much about Sweden during the Second World War, so that bit of the story line was interesting.One problem with a translated work is that it's hard to know where to assign blame for the book's faults regarding language. Was the original in as desperate need of editing, or is the translator responsible for the language that really needed to be tightened up?But many of the flaws in this book must be laid at the feet of [...]

    11. Hannie on said:

      Het duurde lang voordat ik echt in het verhaal zat. Veel langer dan bij de voorgaande delen. Daarom heb ik het boek drie sterren gegeven. Als het boek me vanaf het begin meer had gegrepen, had ik het vier sterren gegeven. Want het verhaal van Erica’s moeder is erg interessant en verklaart een hoop. Daarom is het wel een belangrijk boek in de serie. Ondanks dat dit boek me iets tegenviel, ben ik toch wel benieuwd naar het volgende deel. Al ga ik nu eerst wat anders lezen.

    12. Nada EL Shabrawi on said:

      رواية بوليسية مميزة، بحبكة في غاية الدقة.

    13. Ema on said:

      I was an avid reader of detective novels in high school, but I haven't tried this genre for quite a while. I decided to leave the classics aside and dive into unknown territories, those of the modern writers of detective fiction. My first try (apart from Stieg Larsson) was the Scandinavian Camilla Läckberg, who turned out to be a big disappointment. Another reason not to fall prey again to a good rating and a promising synopsis. If you brace yourself and read this book nonetheless, be ready for [...]

    14. Heba on said:

      ها انا قد تعرفت على كاتبة بارعة جديدة فى عالم الكشف عن الجريمةبالرغم من تعدد الشخصيات إلا إن الكاتبة وفقت في الانتقال في السياق الحواري بسلاسة وانسيابية دونما ان تفقد خيطاً من نسيج الحبكة الروائيةبالرغم من إن الأشخاص محل الاشتباه بارتكاب الجريمة تعرفت عليهم من البداية ولكن [...]

    15. Marsha on said:

      If you haven't discovered Swedish crime sensation Camilla Lackberg yet, you are in for a treat. Her first three books, in order are:The StonecutterThe PreacherGallow's BirdHad I known, I would have begun with the trilogy in order, but the first book I happened upon was Gallow's Bird, then I found The Ice Princess, her fourth. Both have recurring characters and it doesn't really matter what order you read them in as the crimes/mysteries stand on their own. The crimes are intriguing and original a [...]

    16. Magil on said:

      I was disappointed in this book right from the first chapter when the author had a one year old more advanced than she should have been. On page 80 the author had the medical examiner explain that Erik had been killed by a right handed person standing in front of him who hit him on the right temple. Later in the book, the killer stated that he had dropped the stone bust on the top of Erik’s head. The reactions of her characters were often in excess of the circumstances. The plot was predictabl [...]

    17. Xana on said:

      Gosto imenso da escrita da Camilla.Este livro é grande e isso assusta-me logo pois livros longos tendem a aborrecer-me.Não foi o caso, gostei muito mesmo, a pontuação justa seriam as 4,5*, mas recaiu para as 5* por não me ter custado a ler em momento nenhum. Adorei ler a história da mãe da Erica, e da nova faceta de Patrick.Adorei os pormenores históricos, coisa que habitualmente nem aprecio. Aconselho, sem reservas. Adorei

    18. Yanper on said:

      Το βιβλίο έχει δυο συνδεόμενες πλοκές, από τη μια η ιστορία των φόνων που διαδραματίζονται στο παρόν και από την άλλη η ιστορία του παρελθόντος το 1943-45. Η υπόθεση είναι ενδιαφέρουσα, και διαβάζεται εύκολα. Όπως συνηθίζουν οι Σκανδιναβοί συγγραφείς αστυνομικών μυθιστορημάτ [...]

    19. Caroline on said:

      What do entries in a diary, a Nazi Iron Cross medal, and a retired history professor found murdered in his chair by teens who broke into his house have in common? Secrets. A dreadful secret held by a scared young man who escaped into Sweden, fleeing the Germans. Secret payments to a man by the murdered victim. A horrific secret held by a group of young friends in the 1940s. Someone is out to protect those secrets at all costs. Patrik Hedstrom has to only participate in this murder investigation [...]

    20. Susan on said:

      Lord, I'm still stuck in Sweden. Best Patrik Hedstrom book yet in the series for so many reasons. Will write full review tomorrow. I have to decide if I should stay in Fjallbacka or not. I'm afraid if I leave I won't return for a while and there are only a couple of books left in this series. I might have to stay.

    21. Book Concierge on said:

      Digital audio performed by Simon VanceErica’s mother has died, and when going through her mother’s possessions, she’s shocked to discover a Nazi medal. She goes to the home of a retired history professor to get information about the artifact, but he’s less than helpful and rather evasive. Two days later he’s dead. And Erica’s husband, Patrik, gets involved in the investigation.This is the fifth book in the series featuring crime writer Erica Falck and Detective Patrik Hedström, in t [...]

    22. AdiTurbo on said:

      Good, mature writing, better than most Scandinavian thrillers I've read. Sound character building, the writer is compassionate towards them, and doesn't present them as black or white, good or bad. Interesting plot which involves true historical events. Enjoyable read.

    23. Maria_Love_For_Books on said:

      Πολύ καλό βιβλίο που καταπιάνεται με μια σειρά από σημαντικά κοινωνικά θέματα Ωραίος τρόπος γραφής που βοηθά τον αναγνώστη να καταλάβει τη σουηδική κοινωνία και ενδιαφέρουσα πλοκή! Οι χαρακτήρες εξελίσσονται και αντιμετωπίζουν καταστάσεις που τους αναγκάζουν να έρθουν [...]

    24. Skorofido Skorofido on said:

      Τόση Καμίλα μαζεμένη που διάβασα, ‘καμιλίαση’ θα πάθω στο τέλος… Έλα όμως που τα βρήκα τα «ποκετάκια» ό,τι πρέπει για την τσέπη μου κι είπα να δω που βαδίζει κι αυτή η έρμη σχέση ‘Πάτρικ – Ερίκας’.Ο Πάτρικ έχει πάρει γονική άδεια, η Ερίκα από τη μια προσπαθεί να γράψει το κ [...]

    25. João Carlos on said:

      A escritora sueca Camilla Lackberg escreve mais um romance policial tendo como protagonistas a escritora Erica Falk e o inspector policial Patrick Hedstrom. Aparentemente nada de novo – continuidade temática na tranquila cidade de Fjallbacka. No entanto, a escritora Erica Falk após gozar a licença de maternidade, procura respostas para as dúvidas suscitadas pela surpreendente descoberta dos diários da sua mãe, com quem manteve um relacionamento difícil. Um baú cheio de “incertezas” [...]

    26. Filipe Miguel on said:

      Tons e ritmos dísparesDepois da agitação desconexa do enredo anterior, Ave de Mau Agoiro (The Gallows Bird), em que a autora arriscou, mas não acertou na totalidade das notas, Camilla Lackberg apostou numa nova mudança e atingiu talvez o pico de entre todas os lançamentos até este volume.Quinta entrada da saga de Patrik Hedström e Erica FalkCom o historial e caracterização das personagens perfeitamente enraizados na mente dos leitores, a autora agarrou-se ao cliffhanger do livro anteri [...]

    27. Donna on said:

      This was a solid 3 stars for me. There was much that I liked about this book and a few things that I didn't. I liked the author's set up in the beginning. It was engaging. I also liked the characters. They had some interesting characteristics. The policeman who was on paternity leave was great. That was new to me. The feeling I had in the beginning with the great set up, wasn't sustained throughout. I liked the story and the characters, it was just slow for me at times. There was too much meande [...]

    28. June on said:

      This is my first time reading a Camilla Lackberg novel. I saw a lot of buzz late last year about her novels and decided to try. Firstly don't read the blurb, it is somewhat misleading. This is a translated literary mystery. The strength here is the characters and the weaving of two mysteries. And it deals with the impact of world war 2. One of the themes here is the role of parenthood. The struggle for working mothers to cope and how fathers fail/thrive in their roles. Notably the main character [...]

    29. Richard on said:

      Crime writing is a complicated task that Camilla appears to have mastered with ease. This is the fifth book in this series that is a police procedural at its heart but about life in general. Once again we have a terrific novel, over 500 pages but captivating to the end. Can you keep a secret? The Hidden Child is about a dark secret from childhood that seeps out into a present time where those distant friends now elderly are caught up in a murder when one of their number is brutally killed - can [...]

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