666 Park Avenue

Gabriella Pierce

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666 Park Avenue

Park Avenue Jane Boyle uma jovem e promissora arquiteta que est a viver um verdadeiro conto de fadas desde que o charmoso e muito rico Malcolm Doran a arrebatou e lhe prop s casamento acompanhando o pedido co

  • Title: 666 Park Avenue
  • Author: Gabriella Pierce
  • ISBN: 9789895578450
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jane Boyle uma jovem e promissora arquiteta que est a viver um verdadeiro conto de fadas, desde que o charmoso, e muito rico, Malcolm Doran a arrebatou e lhe prop s casamento, acompanhando o pedido com um enorme anel de diamantes Jane n o consegue acreditar na sua sorte e resolve deixar o emprego em Paris para recome ar a vida em Nova Iorque, na companhia de Malcolm MJane Boyle uma jovem e promissora arquiteta que est a viver um verdadeiro conto de fadas, desde que o charmoso, e muito rico, Malcolm Doran a arrebatou e lhe prop s casamento, acompanhando o pedido com um enorme anel de diamantes Jane n o consegue acreditar na sua sorte e resolve deixar o emprego em Paris para recome ar a vida em Nova Iorque, na companhia de Malcolm Mas quando Malcolm a apresenta fam lia, os muito temidos e reverenciados Doran, uma das mais importantes fam lias da elite de Manhattan, o conto de fadas de Jane sofre uma abrupta e negra mudan a de rumo Em breve, tudo o que ela pensava saber sobre o mundo e ela pr pria posto em causa Agora Jane tem de tentar compreender as suas novas capacidades m gicas, ao mesmo tempo que luta contra a amea a daqueles que tudo far o para lhas retirarem.

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      228 Gabriella Pierce
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    One thought on “666 Park Avenue

    1. Danielle on said:

      Read This Review & More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsEven though we're always told not to judge a book by them, I'm often taken in by striking covers. Sometimes you get a story that matches the beauty of the outside. Sometimes you get 666 Park Avenue. That's not to say 666 Park Avenue is a bad book, just a stunningly uneven one. The first few chapters share more than a few similarities with a popular romance novel. A charming, handsome billionaire is so taken with a bumbling, ordinary gir [...]

    2. Justine on said:

      Legitimately one of the worst novels I've ever read (no, not this year - EVER). I was lured by its easy availability on and my miserable bed-ridden illness/dizziness that probably couldn't handle much else. Allow me to explain just how terrible this is: Everything about this novel points to the author's unabashed desire to include every popular genre that has made a smidgen of money in the past decade of chick lit. 1) Supernatural (witches! magic!)2) Priv-lit (upper east side! paparazzi! over-w [...]

    3. Dianne on said:

      I have heard this book called a lot of complimentary things and people really seem to like it; but if you are a serious fan of any of the genres that this book is dealing with you may have problems with it like I did.This book is trying to be too many things all at one time. It is trying to be a romance, a speculative fiction book and a chick lit all rolled into one, and it does not work. There is too little of each to make up a satisfying whole.The so-called heroine is whiny, a tad trusting wit [...]

    4. Kim Taylor on said:

      Gossip Girl for adults, with a splash of paranormal. I was intrigued by the (much adapted) television show, and although I'm not usually a fan of chick-lit, decided to give this book a try.Quick synopsis: Jane Boyle is a beautiful blonde 24-year-old architect in Paris. When she meets Malcolm Doran, sparks literally fly and after a whirlwind courtship they become engaged and move to New York City to his family home, 665 Park Avenue (located between 664 and 668). Jane slowly begins to realize that [...]

    5. Oriana on said:

      I had lunch with some of the editors from Alloy last week (like you do), and one of them gave me this. You know how much I love a free book, and this one has the added advantage of being really really beautifully designed, with a fancy cover and interior design and all that, and given the seriousness of the books I've been reading lately (I'm looking at you, super-self-indulgent Zippermouth and super-intensely-meta Are You My Mother?), I kind of needed just this kind of candy book. It's too hot [...]

    6. Kay on said:

      Watching the new tv series for the second time, I noticed at the beginning it states 'based on a novel by Gabriella Pierce]. I like the series and love to read so the next time I was in the library I checked out the book. I was very disappointed to find out the series is not anything like the book. Yes, it has the same name as the book and yes, our main character is Jane [but not the same gal] and the owner of the property is a Doran [but not even close to the same character]. I am mystified how [...]

    7. Mindy Conde on said:

      I went into the book for purely escapist reading - I wasn't expecting any profound themes or intense writing, so I wasn't disappointed when there wasn't any. While I do agree with some of the other reviewers that this book was a bit slow in the beginning and that it does lack a certain depth, I was more easily able to forgive that because I wasn't searching for the next Pulitzer prize winning novel. Rather, I thought that this was a fun little read which kept me interested and entertained. Yes, [...]

    8. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا on said:

      I started reading this book yesterday, and the writing and the setting are very interesting. I want to see what will happen next. The book reminds me a lot of the movie Hush (1998) starring Gwyneth Paltrow. A woman falls in love with a man who is handsome rich and so in love with her and than she meets his crazy mom and everything goes nuts after that, add witchcraft to the mix and you've got the book But I have a bad feeling about Malcolm, he doesn't feel right I still haven't finished, I'll se [...]

    9. Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page) on said:

      Before I was asked if I'd like a copy of 666 Park Avenue for review, I had never heard of the book. Thankfully, I was introduced to this very interesting, contemporary book series and I'm happy to see more people reading it. This book deserves a whole load of popularity - it's fun, it's captivating and it's truly addictive! This is a new, exciting trilogy and is definitely something to keep your eye on!The first instalment in this trilogy introduces us to Jane Boyle, a young woman living in Fran [...]

    10. Patty on said:

      Summary…From GoodReads…What if your mother-in-law turned out to be an evil, cold-blooded witch . . . literally? Ever since fabulously wealthy Malcolm Doran walked into her life and swept her off her feet, fledgling architect Jane Boyle has been living a fairy tale. When he proposes with a stunning diamond to seal the deal, Jane can't believe her incredible luck and decides to leave her Paris-based job to make a new start with Malcolm in New York. But when Malcolm introduces Jane to the estee [...]

    11. Chibineko on said:

      If The Devil Wears Prada married Rosemary's Baby and had their way with Cate Tiernan's Sweep series, then I think the resulting offspring would probably come out a little bit like this.Before I get started with my review, I have to stress that this is more chick lit than urban fantasy. To be honest, this is really more of a new genre- not quite chick lit but not quite urban fantasy or supernatural/horror thriller. It doesn't even really fit into the paranormal romance genre either. As such, ther [...]

    12. Susan Mann on said:

      This is a great book for those of you who love witches and magic, but not into the teenage side of young adult books. This book is definitely for adults and I loved it. The evil mother in law is a great character. The main character in the book is Jane Boyle, she is an intelligent, strong and very clever woman, who works as an architect. Her fiancé Malcolm Doran is rich, handsome and very very successful. The are so in love with each other and their romance is fairy-tale like. Her mother in law [...]

    13. Pam on said:

      Jane Boyle is an American girl raised by her maternal grandmother in the Alsace region of France. When she is old enough, she leaves her grandmother's overbearing, over protective shadow for the bright lights of Paris and Architecture School.Jane meets and falls in love with NYC's most eligible bachelor, Malcolm Doran, who proposes after a very short courtship. They leave for the US planning to stay at his parents home while they plan the wedding and find a home of their own.Unbeknowst to Jane s [...]

    14. Arttemizza on said:

      Terminada a leitura, confesso que esperava algo mais elaborado, com mais acção e fenómenos Jane, a protagonista, não me seduziu muito, às vezes consegue extremamente inteligente, outras vezes completamente obtusa e a relação dela como o noivo (Malcolm) é prova disso, já que é apenas baseada no contacto físico. Malcolm é um completo enigma, só no final é que sabemos de que lado está e mesmo assim ficamos com muitas dúvidas em certos aspectos. O enredo não é nada de excepcional, [...]

    15. Cass on said:

      666 Park Avenue My review : I found this book quite different from what you can usually find speaking of magic. The plot is not very complex, but this is not a problem because it is easily carried away by this mixture of paranormal romance and chick-lit, providing an easy and enjoyable book to read. Mon avis :J’ai trouvé ce livre assez différent de ce qu’on peut habituellement trouver qui parle de magie. L’intrigue n’est pas très complexe mais cela ne pose pas de problème car on [...]

    16. DJ on said:

      An interesting beginning to a series of stories. Some of the twists were expected, but the others That's where the prize of this story lies. I am curious to see where Jane will go next; who she will see. Wondering where The Dorans will goThis novel is very much read as a supernatural romance. I enjoyed that it was more supernatural, but wished more for the romantic love to grow. That being said, it wouldn't have made for more of a suspenseful story if that component had been there.

    17. Patrícia on said:

      Primeiro livro de Gabriella Pierce, 666 Park Avenue é a morada da alta sociedade bruxuleante. Por trás de mansões, glamour e dinheiro, nada do que parece é, e em pleno século XXI, ideais e heranças medievais trocaram as carruagens por limusinas, caldeirões por cartões de crédito e chapéus pontiagudos por vestidos Versace. As guerras mágicas seculares são agora batalhadas em festas e recepções, onde o estatuto social pode perfeitamente deitar alguém mais fraco para fora do tabuleir [...]

    18. Elphaba J on said:

      3.5 estrelas (Quase lhe dava 4, mas hoje não me sinto generosa e este enredo merecia mais mas, ainda assim, diverti-me imenso a ler isto!)Leve, divertida e encantadora, com todos os perlimpimpins a que uma história sobre bruxas no século XXI deve conter e com um enredo romântico que faria qualquer solteira suspirar, 666 Park Avenue é uma comédia para corações apaixonados actual, com uma boa dose de entretenimento, que satisfará os fãs da série televisiva e cativará, certamente, as le [...]

    19. Jennie on said:

      I had high hopes for this one - some classic sweep you off your feet mixed in with a Wicked Mother-in-Law and witchcraft - could have the makings of a good fairytale. Unfortunately, that did not pan out and I struggled with this book. Typically I don't have a problem suspending belief enough to get engulfed by a story with undercurrents of romance and mystery - especially if it has paranormal components. However, from the beginning I had a hard time connecting to the main character and an even h [...]

    20. meghann on said:

      I loved this TV show and was sad it didn't make it to a second season. I knew it was based on this book, so I thought I would be able to read this series and find out what would have happened to the characters in the show. Both feature a main character named Jane and take place in New York. That is literally where the similarities end. I don't think I've ever come across a TV or movie adaptation of the book that completely changes the story. So this was actually an entirely new story for me, and [...]

    21. Melindeeloo on said:

      About half way through reading this story, I notice how extremely stressed out 666 Park Avenue was making me feel, as Jayne's engagement to a rich and handsome American goes from fairytale to nightmare - wedding planning with a Mother-in-law-to-be from hell and absent groom-to-be K! But once our bride-to-be heroine who has left her life and career in France behind to pursue her happily ever after with her prince in New York, finally discovers the truth behind her situation - and starts to act to [...]

    22. Cecilia on said:

      I love the artsy cover for 666 Park Avenue - the texture is a little different, but I seriously love having this book on my shelf because the design is so pretty! What can I say? Sometimes I'm a superficial reader :) Also, I swear it wasn't until I finally had time to read this book that I realized how truly evil the title is with such unlucky numbers!666 Park Avenue is kinda like a whirlwind that will seriously sweep you off your feet and make spine tingle with delicious anticipation. I was not [...]

    23. Laura on said:

      I admit it, I like the show. I was excited when it came back on after reportedly being cancelled. I like the new shows so much I decided to read the book because the book is always better, right? Right? Damn. Not so much this time. In fact, I don't even know how the book inspired the show as the only thing they have in common is the address. Actually not even that because there is no 666 Park Ave. The city decided to skip that number so it goes 664, 665, 668 Park Ave. Someone described Pierces b [...]

    24. Abby Welker on said:

      Two stars is generous. This is a dumb book. Don't bother with it. There are so many things beyond the over-done plot that were so poorly written. (There are also some steamy love scenes, so if that bothers you like it does me, then it's yet another reason to ignore this book.)**Spoilers**Upon many other irritating quirks of this story, I got so sick and tired of our ignorant heroine, Jane, finding out that she had powers, only to ignore them. She discovered the ability to tap into people's thoug [...]

    25. ReadandRated on said:

      666 Park Avenue showed a lot of promise: New York; Witches; Magic; Intrigue; Romance and 'an evil, cold-blooded witch' for a mother-in-law!This is exactly the sort of book I would have loved as a teenager! However, as an adult, even though I know that my 12 year old niece would love the book but I personally thought the sex scenes were a little too descriptive for me to be able to pass it on to her. So maybe one for older teens upwards? I actually felt the book didn't need those scenes to be in [...]

    26. Gülay Cansever on said:

      Dizisi de çekilmişti ama tek sezonluk yarım diziler kategorisinde kaldı😬 kitap bambaşka birşey. keyifle okudum. acaba Jane neler yapacak merakla bekliyorum 😀

    27. IsabelAlmeida (Os Livros Nossos) on said:

      oslivrosnossos/201oslivrosnossosCrítica por Isabel Alexandra Almeida/Blog Os Livros Nossos: A minha primeira leitura do ano chegou até à minha estante como uma prenda de Natal inesperada e de última hora. "666, Park Avenue", de Gabriella Pierce, era um livro que já há algum tempo me vinha suscitando atenção e interesse, e boas expectativas, primeiro porque só o título me leva até à mítica Nova Iorque, uma das minhas viagens de sonho ainda não realizadas, depois porque a sinopse ref [...]

    28. Fiendishly Bookish on said:

      3.5 StarsGabriella Pierce invokes a distinctive vintage horror vibe reminiscent of such great like Shirley Jackson and Ira Levin in her debut novel, 666 Park Avenue that takes that old 1970’s occult influence and modernizes it in a way that is highly appealing. Like a dark, poisonous cloud wending its way through every page. Pierce artfully creates an atmosphere that is both subtle and creepy.This re-tooled Rosemary’s Baby (but without the baby), piece is about orphan Jane Boyle who emigrate [...]

    29. Petra (Safari Poet) on said:

      Jane Boyle is an American who grew up in France. She was raised by her grandmother after the death of her parents. In order to get away from her smothering grandmother, she moved to Paris. That's where she meets Malcolm and they have a whirlwind romance. After Malcolm proposes and before her move to America, Jane wants to visit her grandmother, who she hasn't seen in years. Weird things have always happened around Jane, but that's nothing compared to what's in her near future.Malcolm goes from d [...]

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