Discipline that Connects with Your Child's Heart

Jim Jackson Lynne Jackson

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Discipline that Connects with Your Child's Heart

Discipline that Connects with Your Child s Heart Ever feel stuck in a discipline rut This book will help you develop a new lens for effective caring discipline with your child Discipline that Connects is a profound and deeply Biblical way of thinki

  • Title: Discipline that Connects with Your Child's Heart
  • Author: Jim Jackson Lynne Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780984994205
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ever feel stuck in a discipline rut This book will help you develop a new lens for effective, caring discipline with your child Discipline that Connects is a profound and deeply Biblical way of thinking about corrective discipline In these pages you ll grow in insight about yourself and your child You ll learn to Prepare your heart and stay calm when your kids areEver feel stuck in a discipline rut This book will help you develop a new lens for effective, caring discipline with your child Discipline that Connects is a profound and deeply Biblical way of thinking about corrective discipline In these pages you ll grow in insight about yourself and your child You ll learn to Prepare your heart and stay calm when your kids are not.Think on your feet and respond with confidence and wisdom.Turn behavior problems into opportunities.Help children learn to be responsible for their own actions and truly reconcile with others.Use creative consequences that build skills, values, and faith in your children.Get out of the discipline rut and into your children s hearts

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      471 Jim Jackson Lynne Jackson
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    One thought on “Discipline that Connects with Your Child's Heart

    1. Lydia Howe on said:

      Why I Choose this Book:I am incredibly interested in the reasoning behind why people think or do things. I ask "why?" all the time. I also find it fascinating to study personalities, read about studies done with people, and occasionally parenting books. Not only do I generally find books like this interesting, but they can also be helpful even in non-parenting situations - such as when I help out with the kids at Sunday School. Plus, I figure that if I ever do have kids one day (which I would lo [...]

    2. Brenda on said:

      What I appreciate about Jim and Lynne Jackson’s Discipline that Connects with your Child’s Heart is they perfectly sync child psychology with Christ-centered faith. I’ve read my share of Bible-based parenting books. Many of them, I admit, are pretty heavy-handed and authoritarian. Discipline That Connects takes a different approach, teaching that first and foremost a child needs a safe parent and that a child needs to know that they are loved no matter what, ESPECIALLY during conflict and [...]

    3. Rebekah on said:

      Not only does this book go through the 4 important messages that kids need to hear ("You are safe", "You are loved no matter what", "You are capable", and "You are responsible"), but it ALSO gives loads of great examples with case studies of different specific discipline issues at the end! I learned a ton and I don't even have kids! HIGHLY recommend this book, or their other book, How to Grow a Connected Family, for anyone -- kids or not!connectedfamilies

    4. Rachel on said:

      Hands down my favorite parenting book so far. Very practical and a great resource for those who aren’t comfortable with more authoritarian styles but still want to train their kids. Focuses on relationship, being on their team, modeling good behavior. Emphasizes training in wisdom and good decision-making, equipping them for responsible adulthood. I’m sure I will use this as a resource over and over.

    5. Chad Warner on said:

      This parenting book walks through four messages you must communicate to your child to connect with them when disciplining. It's quite thorough, with plenty of specific examples. The authors say the book is all about leading children into a deeper connection with God's holiness and love.Although it's a Christian parenting book and includes Bible references, it seems like this book leans more on psychology and less on the Bible than other Christian parenting books. There were a few times that I qu [...]

    6. Katherine on said:

      I've loved listening to the Jacksons on various podcasts, so I was excited to check out their parenting book. I love their philosophy and how practical and relevant it is while still being totally Scripture-based. I appreciate their honesty with their own failings and struggles, which was such an encouragement to me in my own journey as a parent. I also felt like they match my own parenting style and implementing their suggestions felt natural and not like I was parroting a script (and I've seen [...]

    7. Alicia Mccain on said:

      I absolutely loved this book. I've read a couple other Christian parenting books that have similar approaches (Heartfelt Discipline by Clay Clarkson, Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Graced Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel) and this one was the most helpful for me. It builds a strong foundation to help think through a gentle, grace-filled Biblical parenting approach, but also gives so many practical examples. They don't advocate one specific way of parenting, but instead help parents to re [...]

    8. Laura (Book Scrounger) on said:

      I’ve pretty much avoided reading parenting books up to this point (aside from a couple baby books), which was only partially intentional. Partly because nothing’s jumped out at me or been handed to me, but there is also a part of me that is wary of trying to fix something when I’m not yet sure which areas it’s broken in. Or rather (since we’re all broken) to try to press myself into a formula or “philosophy” or model of thinking without first discovering what exactly I most need he [...]

    9. Rhonda on said:

      It would definitely have been useful if this had been available when I was raising my three daughters, but I wanted to read it to be a better grandparent to the precious little ones God has blessed me with. I feel that I can also be a resource to my stressed out daughters and stepchildren as they seek to raise their children with Christian principles. The authors use scripture references to support the principles they address. They encourage an approach to parenting that is sure to reach the sou [...]

    10. Sarah on said:

      Practical parenting advice from a Christian perspective. It helps parents change their own behaviors so that they parent better. It will make a good addition to my church’s library.I received an ARC from NetGalley.

    11. Seana on said:

      This book is filled with really strong parenting advice. The appendix itself offers a wealth of information. All of this said it took me an entire year to read this book. During that year, I have read parenting books that I would recommend more highly.

    12. Rebekah on said:

      Some good advice here, but also unfortunately mixed with secular (bad) ideas and oversimplifications. I agree that controlling parenting is bad and communication good, but this comes off as thinly veiled self esteem and everyone is special new age ideas rather than biblical. For example, one of the tenants of the book is that every child is called and capable. Ephesians 2:10 is given as the verse proving that every person and child was created for good works, planned beforehand by God.well, if t [...]

    13. Julia on said:

      Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart by Jim & Lynne Jackson is a very refreshing dose of sanity in what has become the sheer chaos of raising four kids (8-12). This book focuses on teaching the Discipline That Connects approach to parenting. It shows you step-by-step how to build a relationship with your kids based on the following biblically-based messages: you are safe with me (foundation), you are loved no matter what (Connect), you are called and capable (Coach), and you are [...]

    14. Michelle Buck on said:

      Discipline That Connects is a framework of 4 powerful messages that we can give our children. Instead of starting with correction, which most parents begin with—this framework changes it up. The framework starts instead with the FOUNDATION and the message “You are safe with me”. The second step is CONNECT and the message is “You are loved no matter what”. The third message is called COACH and the message says to your child, “You are called and capable”. The last step up is the CORR [...]

    15. Krista D on said:

      Parents are busy and finding impactful, practical and faith-based parenting wisdom can be hard. This book is worth the read for any busy parent that wants to change how discipline goes in their home, improve the tone of their family or is looking for help with specific challenges."Discipline that Connects with Your Child's Heart" by Jim and Lynne Jackson is a book that contains grace-filled parenting wisdom focused on discipline with connection. It culminates from the author's experience as pare [...]

    16. Leslie on said:

      This book does a good job of covering some things that I have heard growing up and as a new(er) parent. IE: never discipline in anger / get your heart right first, show and tell your children that you love them both when they are behaving and when they aren't, but also teach them that they are both capable (of making wise choices) and responsible (for their actions). Like many books of this kind, it is strong in some areas and weak in others. Unfortunately, there were quite a few typos that were [...]

    17. Jeanie on said:

      Discipline that's effective in discipleship will flow from a parent's heart of humility, forgiveness, wisdom, love and vision for a child's life. It must make sense to the child to win his or her respect. We can know that discipline has connected with our child's heart when he or she is developing a desire to know and love Jesus and to walk in the grace of obedience. A desire to connect to our child's heart is what will last for eternity. I loved this book for many reasons and the main that it w [...]

    18. Alissa on said:

      Looking for to hearing them speak at Heartsat home. Had heard them on the inspired to action podcast. Really good examples and practical advice. I need to get Mike to read.

    19. Victoria W. on said:

      Jim and Lynne's book is written by parents, for parents. Filled to the brim with case studies, real life (and in some cases personal) stories of their practices and theories in real family situation, the Jackson's heart for families is evident on every page.Mindful of this, the authors really strive to make their work accessible to the families that need it. The case studies often have more than 1 case per point which does add to the page count (just over 300) but also allows for more points of [...]

    20. Rebecca Ray on said:

      Parenting is hard. We all want connection with our children. We all want well-behaved and respectful children. We all want children that are raised in our faith and choose to embrace it as their own. We all want children who grow up to be principled and responsible adults. Yet, in the messiness that we live in and in our own flesh, sometimes the methods that we use are not really effective. They are not getting the results that we’re looking for. I often feel like my parenting is on the edge o [...]

    21. Beth-Anne on said:

      I cannot tell you how excited I was to read this book! I have a book called Parenting with Connection that speaks to foster and adoptive parents, and as I read it I kept seeing how it could apply to all parenting! So when I saw this book, and how many of the principles are the same I was ecstatic. Being a Christian I was so happy to see these concepts mixed with building faith, wisdom, and character.This book is not a quick fix book. You can easily implement the things immediately but the result [...]

    22. David Eagen on said:

      This book encourages purposeful discipline and training of children and provides a framework for doing so. The authors point out that there is no magic formula for every situation. Rather than a pat answer for a given situation they give an overarching framework to approach every situation with. The keys are to first prepare your (the parent's) heart, make your child know they are loved no matter what, respond in a way that communicates that the child is capable of making the right choices, and [...]

    23. Gabrielle Soriano on said:

      I learned a lot from this book, got convicted and even personally encouraged by it. As I venture into the realm of motherhood/parenthood, I know I'll go back to this book again and again.

    24. Jessica on said:

      Y'all, as a pending foster parent, this book connects to me in so many ways! I've often wondered how to raise a child up in Christ, but not so much that they are disillusioned once they go off into the world. How to be calm in the face of a child, who has big people emotions or trauma, but don't know how to express them, has forced me to try & read everything I can on the subject. I want to be well informed with a couple of go-to reactions and words when things go haywire, and this book gave [...]

    25. Laura on said:

      A comprehensive, beautifully and practically written guide for the hardest and most rewarding job I will ever have. It describes exactly how I want to be as a parent and gives a framework with ideas for how to get there. It seamlessly combines research based strategies with tenets of the Christian faith. I wholeheartedly recommend.

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