The Meryl Streep Movie Club

Mia March

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The Meryl Streep Movie Club

The Meryl Streep Movie Club In the bestselling tradition of The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Jane Austen Book Club three women find unexpected answers happiness and one another with Meryl Streep movies as their inspira

  • Title: The Meryl Streep Movie Club
  • Author: Mia March
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: None
  • In the bestselling tradition of The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Jane Austen Book Club, three women find unexpected answers, happiness, and one another, with Meryl Streep movies as their inspirationTwo sisters and the cousin they grew up with after a tragedy are summoned home to their family matriarch s inn on the coast of Maine for a shocking announcement Suddenly,In the bestselling tradition of The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Jane Austen Book Club, three women find unexpected answers, happiness, and one another, with Meryl Streep movies as their inspirationTwo sisters and the cousin they grew up with after a tragedy are summoned home to their family matriarch s inn on the coast of Maine for a shocking announcement Suddenly, Isabel, June, and Kat are sharing the attic bedroom and barely speaking But when innkeeper Lolly asks them to join her and the guests in the parlor for weekly Movie Night it s Meryl Streep month they find themselves sharing secrets, talking long into the night and questioning everything they thought they knew about life, love, and one another.Each woman sees her complicated life reflected through the magic of cinema Isabel s husband is having an affair, and an old pact may keep her from what she wants most June has promised her seven year old son that she ll somehow find his father, who he s never known and Kat is ambivalent about accepting her lifelong best friend s marriage proposal Through everything, Lolly has always been there for them, and now Isabel, June, Kat and Meryl must be there for her Finding themselves Finding each other Finding a happy ending.

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      155 Mia March
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    One thought on “The Meryl Streep Movie Club

    1. switterbug (Betsey) on said:

      The spoiler is in the comments section, not in the actual review.This light read, aimed at women, puffs and fluffs around some substantial issues of love, loss, regret, and redemption, but doesn't succeed in capturing a penetrating authenticity. The three main women characters--Kat, June, and Isabel--suffering from broken hearts or stifled dreams, turn their lives around with astounding speed and success.While gathered in Boothbay, Maine, to care for the sick and beloved Lolly, they meet men as [...]

    2. Nancy on said:

      This book really surprised me. I like Meryl Streep. I don't love her but I find her acting compelling. But the book is really about four women, reuniting 15 years after a tragic accident, each going their separate ways, and finding meaning in a few of Streep's movies. They are each able to pull deep meaning out of the movies and each take is different and worthwhile.The author provides some insight in that she has often found meaning in movies and applies life lessons to her own life. She picked [...]

    3. Kelly Hager on said:

      This is told from multiple narrators. Isabel (whose husband has just had an affair), her sister June (single and raising a child on her own) and their cousin Kat (who has just gotten engaged to her perfect boyfriend Oliver and who has almost immediately wondered if she made the right choice) have just moved into the inn that their aunt/mom Lolly runs. Lolly has cancer and the prognosis is not good. Each woman has ample reason to feel unsettled even besides the fact that Lolly will likely die. Wh [...]

    4. Patty on said:

      The Meryl Streep Movie ClubbyMia MarchMy " in a nutshell" summaryLolly, Kat, Isabel, Juneagedy brings them together and a tragedy keeps them together and makes them a family.My thoughts after reading this bookLollyn owner, mother of Kat, and aunt to Isabel and June calls everyone home.  Lolly has news to share that will change everyone's life.  Lolly won't tell them what she wants to tell them until after they make popcorn, eat cupcakes and watch a Meryl Streep movieher favorite.I found this t [...]

    5. Teri on said:

      Received this from Simon and Schuster, looks like a fun quick read.OK, so NOT a fun beach read. It's quite sad and not light at all. It is a quick read however. I guess I got a bit uppity when reading this one It was OK, I wouldn't recommend it to my book snob friends looking for great literature but for someone looking for something easy and a little thought provoking I might.

    6. Chloe on said:

      The book is the story of the women of one family, each going through their own personal turmoil but being united by the weekly Meryl Streep Movie Club held at their guesthouse. There's family matriarch Lolly, who has her own daughter but took in her nieces when they were children after their parents were killed. The three girls think Lolly's distant and not overly affectionate, but when she summons them all to the guesthouse for a surprise announcement, they are left wondering what it could be. [...]

    7. Maria on said:

      I am going to give this book five stars because I feel like it. It's not everything, but it was everything I needed. I am not sure I can put into words how much I needed to read this novel. I have been reading tough stuff lately, things that have made me leave my comfort zone, things that have made me think, perhaps a bit too much. I am glad I have read all those things, but I was starting to go a little crazy, I was starting to lose my ground. I bought this book because I liked the title. I mea [...]

    8. Dana on said:

      late last night.I finished the most wonderful book which I highly recommend, called "The Meryl Streep Movie Club." Do not let the title fool you into thinking this was a piece of forgettable fluff. It was a very well written, deeply felt novel, with great character AND plot driven prose. The main setting for the story is a B&B in Maine, where 3 young women were raised by Lolly, who is mother to one of the women, and aunt to the other two. The nieces lost both their parents in the same moment [...]

    9. Vishy on said:

      I discovered ‘The Meryl Streep Movie Club’ by Mia March through Kelly’s review of it. I love books with a movie theme – I loved ‘The Film Club’ by David Gilmour. So, when I read Kelly’s review, I couldn’t resist getting the book. I rarely get a book as soon as it comes out – I am normally the last guy to know about a new book release – and so it was one of the rare occasions when I got a book as soon as it came out. The book came out in June, I got it in June and I read it in [...]

    10. Joy on said:

      This is a book about two sisters, their cousin and aunt who run The Three Captains Inn. The four are not close and they only see each other a couple times a year except for cousin Kat and her mom, Lolly, who run the Inn. Lolly is a huge fan of movies and selects different actors and/or themes throughout the year for her friends and guests to enjoy. This is Meryl Streep season. Each movie they see encourages the women to talk about their own problems, most of which are depicted in the movies. Lol [...]

    11. Dale Harcombe on said:

      Sometimes a book comes along that is just what you want to read at the time. The fact that it took me longer to read this than usual is no indication of the book’s worth. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was just a fact that life intruded and prevented me from reading it when I wanted to.This is a warm and engaging story of four women, Lolly and her daughter Kat and her two nieces Sharon and June, who Lolly cared for from a young age after the death of their parents and Lolly’s husband. Lolly own [...]

    12. Darcy Odden on said:

      Fans of "The Friday Night Knitting Club" will enjoy "The Meryl Streep Movie Club" by Mia March.When Lolly Weller's husband, sister and brother-in-law are killed in a New Year's Eve car accident, Lolly, a Maine innkeeper, becomes responsible not only for her daughter Kat, but also for her nieces, Isabel and June Nash. Years later, Isabel is married her childhood sweetheart, Edward, with whom she fell in love when he was counseling her about her parents' deaths. June is a single mother and booksto [...]

    13. Zarina on said:

      The Meryl Streep Movie Club centers around sisters Isabel and June and their cousin Kat and Aunt Lolly. Despite Lolly having brought up all three girls, now adult women, the family has never been very close. But following some devestating news the sisters decide to stay at the historic inn Lolly runs in Boothbay in Maine for a while and during this time they finally start to get to know each other. Their bond partly grows stronger through their regular film evenings, during which they make their [...]

    14. Ingrid Fasquelle on said:

      Amateurs de chick-lit, passez votre chemin ! "Dans la Peau de Meryl Streep" n'a rien d'une comédie légère ! Malgré un titre qui laisse présager un divertissement hilarant et des rebondissements cocasses, il s'agit plutôt d'un drame familial. Un roman choral original et très réussi qui s'inspire de l'univers cinématographique de Meryl Streep pour livrer le portrait émouvant de trois jeunes femmes à qui la vie n'a rien épargné. C'est la chronique douce-amère et poignante d'une famill [...]

    15. DiDi on said:

      I enjoyed the plot. I could relate with one character in particular, and appreciated that Ms. March devoted chapters to the varied POVs specifically, so that it was easier to identify which character's story I was following: although sometimes a specific character's dialogue was not identified, which took me out of the story a few times. It was also unfortunate that the men seemed to be "on the shelf" and waited politely for their cues. I enjoyed how she related each main character's story to ev [...]

    16. Sharon on said:

      I enjoyed this very much. I am a fan of Meryl Streep movies. I knew what to expect from the jacket cover. I loved the discussions of the movies that I've watched. The plot was more than a little contrived but it was well written and I was moved by their stories. Two sisters returning to the bed and breakfast they were raised after a tragic accident with their parents. Their aunt that raised them asks them to return because she needs to share news of her own. They reunite with their cousin and au [...]

    17. Nathalie on said:

      I kindly received this as a prize from a Twitter competition from Book Minx at Simon & Schuster. I was excited to have won it as I had heard so many good things about it, and knew that lots of people were looking forward to it coming out. I absolutely loved it! I read it in a day, because I kept going back to it and reading more, as I was completely drawn in to the characters and their stories.I loved all the main characters in the book, yes they all had their own issues and flaws, but they [...]

    18. Bonnie on said:

      Ok so now I want to watch every Meryl Streep movie again! Always admired her, and this book makes me want to so them all again now that I'm older. But also because of the great characters in the book. I loved them all, but especially June. The story did parallel The Friday Night Knitting Club with main characters who have troubles, betrayal, heartache, or loss. No knitting store but Meryl Streep movie nights as the glue holding everyone together and working through challenges. Ok, a lot like the [...]

    19. Ayelet on said:

      Though I don't consider myself the biggest Meryl Streep fan, I really got into this book. I found myself picking a favorite movie and a favorite character (June!). Though the alternating chapters sometimes leads to odd jumps ahead in time by a few days, you get great perspective into each woman's life and heart and choices. They are all facing difficult choices, but they form a beautiful family. More than making me want to watch a Meryl Streep movie, this book made me want to book a vacation to [...]

    20. Sheena on said:

      This was such a fantastic book to read. The storyline was great, you could really get a feel for the main characters and everything they have had to go through. It also has made me think I need to check out some more Meryl Strrep movies. I hope there might be a sequeal for this as Iu wonder what happens with the girls as they continue onwards. I can't wait for the next Mia March book to come out. Fantastic debut novel!

    21. Heather on said:

      YAY! I won this giveawayI can't wait to read it! :) Gotta love First Reads!I just finished this book and it was WONDERFUL. Some folks say it was depressing in their reviews, but I disagree - out of tragedy and loss comes love and compassion. A great read that will make you want to travel, bake, and watch Meryl Streep movies! Thanks to Mia March for writing. I do hope for a next book with more of Kat's story.

    22. Beth Mills on said:

      Three women--two sisters and their cousin--all at a point of crisis in their lives have to find a way to reconnect and help each other through tough times and tougher choices. I love the way the movies and the viewers' comments about them weave their way through the story and add depth to issues the characters are facing. A moving and satisfying story, one I will read again,it also made me want to run out to the library to borrow those dvds.

    23. Shari Spencer on said:

      I liked the characters very much and at different times throughout the book found myself identifying with each one of them. It made me realize that I have a few what-ifs and what-may-have-beens in my own life to consider.

    24. Esmee on said:

      Ik vond het een mooi boek, waarin vier familie leden elkaar opnieuw leren kennen, dit bracht soms een traantje mee. Jammer dat, voor mijn gevoel, het leven van Kat niet goed werd afgesloten aan het einde van het boek. Ook had ik voor een andere actrice gekozen i.p.v. Meryl Streep.

    25. Meredith on said:

      This was a likable enough story, but I was wanting more. More from the characters, more development I guess. A pleasant enough read though.

    26. Lori McD on said:

      Wow! It's difficult for me to give a 5 star rating don't know why. I suppose that, to me, if every book is a 5, then none of them are. But this book I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I *love* Meryl Streep - who doesn't? But "Out of Africa" is my favorite movie of all time - Meryl, the scenery, the music, the bittersweet romance I liked Meryl Streep before this movie, but I *loved* her afterwards. And I started seeing the movies that she'd made earlier, that I was too young to see at [...]

    27. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out on said:

      Author Mia March is a self confessed, life long fan of Meryl Streep and her debut novel is in part a tribute to the accomplished actress but even if you are not a fan of her movies you are sure to enjoy this warm hearted story.Sisters Isabel and June return to the Maine bed and breakfast they grew up in after the death of the parents, at the request of their Aunt Lolly who has something important to share with them. For Isabel, who has just discovered her husband's affair, and single mother June [...]

    28. Charlotte Lynn on said:

      A cousin and two sisters grew up together, barely speaking. A family member, Lolly, becomes sick with cancer and calls them all back to the inn they grew up in to tell them the news. Isabel, June, and Kat are all shocked, but decide to stay on at the inn and help Lolly fight her battle and keep the inn running.Lolly declares it Meryl Streep movie month. Each Friday the girls get together and watch a different movie starring Meryl Streep. During these movies they find themselves sharing secrets a [...]

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